They arrived at the Triple Bar-X


They hadn’t spoken in hours; the vast expanse of—nothing had long-since eliminated that—until Larry burst into song:

Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp/

Brave couragious and bold/

Long live his fame/

And long live his glory/

And long may his story be told…”

Aw-c’mon Larry, Wyatt Earp was not exactly like he was portrayed in “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp.”


Season VI, Chapter 6 Renegade Marshal, Episode 13:

Mac & Larry on the Nebraska Plains ©2012 Jack Boardman

Mac & Larry on the Nebraska Plains

Yes, really. He was an investor, farmer, teamster, bouncer, saloon-keeper, miner and boxing referee. He moved around a lot and we are meeting him at his first well-known law enforcement job. Earp was certainly not the sometime scalawag as was James Butler Hickok. He lived until 1929.”

Wyatt Earp Portrait - Public Domain

Wyatt Earp Portrait

So basically he was a good guy?”

He was, but they took some liberties in the show—for example he was never married in the show.”

He was married?”

His first wife was Urilla Sutherland, died within a year of their marriage, and Josephine Marcus became his common law wife in 1881. She died in 1944.”

Oh. I guess he was married.”

At this point, GENTLE READER, we’ll leave Mac & Larry to suffer their boring journey until they reach Wichita, Kansas—the subject of our next chapter.

At dusk Marshal Blackmon’s posse departed Coldwater Ranch for the Triple Bar-X Ranch and once they crossed the bridge across the White River she instructed the horses to tread lightly.

It was dark when they arrived at the Triple Bar-X, “Dismount here. Horses go quietly into the corral and find any sentient horses and make them ready to come quickly when called. PepperCooper, go with the horses and open the gates.”

The critters quietly signalled receipt of their orders and equally-quietly moved into position.

Chris and Sam—cover the back of the bunkhouse and the rest of us will cover the front. When I wave we all run inside and wake our victims,” Susie relished this operation—a lot (so many cowboys).

The posse surrounded the rustler's bunkhouse ©2012 Jack Boardman

Very carefully they got into position

Very carefully they got into position—but they no more got there when the door of the bunkhouse swung open…

To be Continued…

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7 Responses to They arrived at the Triple Bar-X

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    What I purposely did not comment so I am not always first and I still am? Whats up with that? Love the comment about Susie and so many cowboys LOL I like the picture with us in the shadows. Interesting facts about Wyatt didn’t he also have a brother?


    • Jack Boardman says:

      It appears this blog may be in its death throes…Sorry to say. 😦 Earp had a bunch of brothers…Herd? Gaggle? Flock? Brood? Well… a whole bunch! 🙂


  2. Daisy Boardman says:



  3. yeah..Jack YOU are not the only one allowed to go away B:))))


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