The world exploded into color!


Black powder weapons leave a lot of gun smoke, unlike modern weapons, and as the light breeze began to move the smoke after the gunfire stopped, Marshal Blackmon surveyed the carnage. There were twenty-two dead or mortally wounded. Somehow, McLintock and Bulgebottom escaped the dogs—Bulgebottom’s did not.

And then Sarah Cooper noticed—the wounded Boomer Jack and Daisy were nowhere to be seen.

Season VI, Chapter 6 Renegade Marshal, Episode 19:

Dreadwood began to disappear ©2012 Jack Boardman

…she first noticed the town was beginning to disappear…

As Sarah was about to speak…she first noticed the town was beginning to disappear, but before she could…

…the whole world exploded into color!

It seemed as though they’d been gone a lot longer than two days, but in 2012 time—that’s all the time they were gone.

Why am I wearing an apron?”

The whole  world exploded into color ©2012 Jack Boardman

Sarah could help but giggle—a little, “Because you work in our General Store.”

Sarah could help but giggle—a little, “Because you work in our General Store.”

But—you’re not wearing one.”

Because I’m a pilot and fly air charters for Big Mac.”

It was then that Cujo appeared and as always everyone made a big fuss over her. She may be the keeper-of-the-gate to the “Great Beyond,” but she was also a dog—and dogs love to be fussed over. She happily accepted all the petting and scratching-behind-the ears—all the time with her tail wagging furiously.

Doc Shouse, who, perhaps was the most concerned had been looking around the room all the while, and finally could no longer contain her curiosity, “Where are Boomer & DaisyLegsBeagle? They’re not here!”

Well—talk about raining on a parade—THAT got everyone’s attention! Cujo immediately got very serious, “Since Alpha-Jack helped me transition into the Great Beyond back in 2002, we’ve always have been connected—not a single day passed without our thinking of one-another—until now. I was unable to call him and Daisy back.”

Does this mean he REALLY has gone rogue?”

That would explain why I couldn’t call him back.”

But Daisy?” Buttons couldn’t believe Daisy would go rogue.

Sadly, Buttons, I told her to remain loyal to Boomer, and she has, apparently.”

Boomer Jack, James Butler Hickock, Daisy and Robert “Bobby” Derby, who they found just outside of Dreadwood, were riding south on the prairie, “Well, Boomer, when do you expect to find Richard Derby?”

Boomer, Hickok & Derby riding south on the prairie ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Find him? Dickie is DEAD! Marshal Jack kilt him!”

Find him? Dickie is DEAD! Marshal Jack kilt him!”

Have we got a story to tell you, Bobby,” Hickok laughed.

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to The world exploded into color!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I might have to wear sunglasses until I get used to colors again! (I enjoyed teasing Jay about his apron!)


  2. Oh my. Dickie is dead. Marshal Blackmon hates it when that happens.


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      Turn this:

      “Oh my. Dickie is dead.

      Into this:

      “Oh my dickie is dead!”

      It becomes something I HOPE I never exclaim! 😛


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Lookit me…leading everybody in that last illustration! AR-ROOO!!!


  4. Nice pic Jack!! Love the shadows!


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