“Especially if you’re asking the Codger.”


He hadn’t noticed his brother and quickly rode to his side, “Bobby! What is going on? Yer riding with lawmen?”

Shet-up Dickie. You were dead, now you’re alive. I don’t know why.”

Because it wasn’t your time to die,” Boomer answered.

In fact,” Hickok was smiling, “Before your time comes, you both have a chance to do some good for once in your miserable lives. You can ride with us.”

I hear-tell you sold yer badge to McLintock,” Bobby had overheard this during his time in the Dreadwood jail, “I ‘spect you’re on the run. What I don’t understand is why Hickok hasn’t kilt you.”

I was ordered to go renegade by the US Marshal’s Office in Washington DC.”

Season VI, Chapter 7 Danger Bay—2012, Episode 1:


To establish myself as one who can be bought. The office believes that the St. Louis District marshal has become corrupt, and he wants me to hook-up with him.”

Boomer Hickok & the Derbys riding south on the prairie ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Why ain’t I dead?”

Why ain’t I dead?”

It wasn’t your time,” Boomer Jack replied and before he could add anything else, he felt Cujo’s call—and time stood still in 1873 Dakota Territory…

…and for Boomer and Daisy—Technicolor!

Boomer and Daisy return to Cabin-on-the-Rock ©2012 Jack Boardman

“You have some explaining to do!” Chris exclaimed.

You have some explaining to do!” Chris exclaimed, “We’ve all been so worried that you went renegade.”

Not ALL of us, Chris,” Mac rumbled with a grin.

You knew?” Larry was surprised until he thought about it a moment, “Wait—THAT was why you didn’t want to follow Thunderhoof’s sensing Pal—RIGHT?”

Mac just smiled.

Why didn’t I know this, Alpha-Jack?” Cujo was concerned she was losing her touch.

I’m sorry Cujo, In order to prevent you from calling me back to the present too soon, I had to purposely NOT think of you—that was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Am I allowed to ask a question?” Jay Cooper was new to 2012 Danger Bay and was unsure of the protocal.

Sure, go ahead—but don’t expect a completely honest answer,” Larry cracked, “Especially if you’re asking the Codger.”

Why am I wearing this apron?”

To be Continued…

18 thoughts on ““Especially if you’re asking the Codger.”

  1. Chris Shouse

    I can not wait to hit a big soaker tub full of bubbles! I know I say this every time we come back but I can not imagine only bathing once a week if your lucky! First I best go check on Paws!


      1. Chris Shouse

        Well I am sure you are correct…I worry some about the Orphanage too. I am sure I chose a great manager there also.


        1. Jack Boardman Post author

          Cujo made it clear that we would not be going back to 1873 Danger Bay…they have completely forgotten us (we hope) by now. ;-)


            1. Jack Boardman Post author

              We’d BETTER be. Remembering us could muck up the future; our present. I should never say “never,” it’s CUJO who makes that determination, not me. :-)


              1. Chris Shouse

                Like I told you I would love to go back to Camelot think of all the fun Susie could have with the knights of the round table Woot :)


    1. yatters

      “he wants me to hook-up with him”

      “Larry was surprised until he thought about it a moment”

      its what’s behind the apron methinks…. Mac just smiled. :)



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