The origin of the WolvenKing


The Dog-People found Ringo and some unexpected others deep in the forest. Thunder and Lightning, the big German Shepherds (neither of whom they had seen in the past two visits to 2012), LeChat Sauvage, Karma the great War Eagle, WolvenCrownPrince Hector (Hole-in-the-Sky who in their absence, had grown), and of course, WolvenKing Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio. All exclaimed in doggie excitement, “RINGO!

All, that is, except for Cujo, who simply smiled her crooked smile, for it was SHE who created Ringo …

Season VI, Chapter 7 Danger Bay—2012, Episode 5:

In 2002, when she unwillingly first arrived in the Great Beyond, she had so wanted to remain longer with her Alpha-Jack and the rest of her pack—but she could not, she was so terribly aflicted with arthritis she could no longer stand the pain. Her Alpha-Jack held her head in his hands as she transitioned to the Great Beyond.

She discovered she could view the REAL WORLD—where one day she saw a rare black wolf being chased through the forest and on to the highway in front of a semi-truck. The wolf was killed instantly and moments later arrived right next to Cujo …

Where am I?”

You are in this place, it is called the Great Beyond. I too only recently arrived.”

Why are you speaking, dog? You should be running for your life!

No need to run—I’m already dead—and so are you. In life I was a fearless warrior—you are but a cub.”

The large wolf-cub looked closely into Cujo’s eyes and he could see her words were true—she had the eyes of a warrior, “Do you know what happened to me?”

Ringo and Cujo at the Great Beyond Entrance ©2012 Jack Boardman

Cujo told him the story of his demise.

Cujo told him the story of his demise.

Grey wolves don’t always like black wolves, renegades chased me away, I have no pack.”

Cujo witnessed her Alpha-Humans finding a new canine, Daisy. She watched with interest as she grew, and in one of her canine friends—a black German Shepherd, Husky, and possibly wolf mix named “Ringo,” and was impressed by his character.

I think I have a name for you my wolven-friend.”

And that would be?”


And so he became Ringo. Shortly afterwards the two discovered another place they could see, a place we know as “cyberspace.” And a place within that place known as Moosehead County. A place he could live, if he chose. Cujo could not as by now, she was the Keeper-of-the-Gate to the Great Beyond.

To be Continued…Next—Resolving the rest of Friday’s “Cliffhanger.”


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18 Responses to The origin of the WolvenKing

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow cool….a good story line,


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ahh, named for a friend. 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Too bad Flutters hasn’t stopped by, I’m sure he’d have something to contribute. Or not. 😉


  4. fluttermatters26 says:

    “You are in this place, it is called the Great Beyond”

    Which as we all know and if you don’t it doesn’t matter but since you don’t and just in case you are of curious mind it is that place just a little further east of the most eastern blue mountains ringed by clouds of white that are sufficiently west to render them less than great yet in certainty remain for those who truly understand nothing close to being beyond.


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