The boy couldn’t have been older than 17 and wearing a gun; Susie was instantly disappointed, and in an eyeblink (or two) she switched to her tough town marshal persona, “Listen carefully, boy—unbuckle that gunbelt and let it drop—do it NOW!”


Sonny, you’re about to see what happens to lawbreakers in the Port of Danger Bay.”

Season VI, Chapter 7 Danger Bay—2012, Episode 8:

Boomer and Andrew arrived at Seven Tables and lingered a moment outside to admire an absolutely pristine 1958 Chrysler Imperial, “I feel so old, Andrew, I was nine when those ’58 Chryslers first came out.”

Boomer and Andrew admire a Chrysler Imperial ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Dayam, that’s even bigger than that Buick-boat you drive.”

Dayam, that’s even bigger than that Buick-boat you drive.”

It is, it is indeed. A beautiful car.”

Susan, quite happy to be back at Seven Tables was busy with a batch of cake, when she was startled by, “How do, Ma’am.”

Wild Bill Hickok!” Susan, stunned, blurted out, “Oh, of course you’re not. Forgive me, sir.”

I’m James Butler Hickok the Third, my great-great-grandfather was Wild Bill Hickok’s cousin, and after Wild Bill was killed in 1876, ol’ Grampa named his next son ‘James Bulter Hickok the second’ and my daddy hung the same moniker on me. I have been told I bear a strong resemblence to him; my long hair helps, I s’pect.”

Where are you from?”

Originally from right here in Moosehead County, but until last month I had a ranch in Colorado.”

Boomer and Andrew meet Hickok ©2012 Jack Boardman

Boomer and Andrew walked in and Boomer did a double-take…

Boomer and Andrew walked in and Boomer did a double-take when he saw Hickok but said nothing.

Hi fellas, what may I get for you?” Susan greeted as the two arrived at the counter.

The usual, Susan, thanks,” Boomer replied and turning to Andrew, “That explains a lot.”

His comment was overheard by Hickok, “Nice to see you again—partner.”

Boomer smiled, “Which explains why ‘James Bultler Hickok’ is still riding with me—but doesn’t explain the gun-handling.”

Practice,” James replied and then asked, “Do you know of any work around these parts? My funds seem to be running low.”

Oh my—do we EVER, GENTLE READER! But should we send him for an “interview?”

To be Continued…

17 thoughts on “Hickok—Revisited

  1. Chris Shouse

    Yes Yes send him for the interview and we should be able to witness this interview! A little voyeurism if you will :)


    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      I’m glad you think so, ’cause he sometimes reads this blog and being the good dad that I am, I don’t want his feelings to be hurt. :-D



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