Mac and Larry set up camp


…And near the Coldwater Ranch… PepperCooper and Buttons found Flutters and sent him back to the ranch. He was given the message to deliver to Mac along with instructions to stay focused on his mission and not wander into his sometimes delusional state.

That will work?

Season VI—Chapter 8—Wyatt Earp, Episode 6:

Just south of the Kansas-Nebraska border… Mac and Larry set up camp, “We’ll hang here for a week or two, Larry.”

Oh good, my saddle sores have saddle sores, but aside from that benefit; why?”

We need Boomer & Hickok to get ahead of us, they’re at least a week behind us—maybe more. They must establish themselves with Marshal Pettifogger.”

Mac and Larry set up camp ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Do you think he’ll have any problem with that?”

Do you think he’ll have any problem with that?”

He might. I think we need to meet up with him. Hickok is riding with him—that presents a problem.”

How so?”

Hickok and Earp never met—they can’t meet now.”

I imagine when Pal gets close, either your Thunderhoof or my Rachel will know—and tell us.”

You can bet that stupid bowler you wear on your head we will,” Rachel snorted accompanied soon after by a laughing whinny from Thunderhoof.

A week behind, north of the Kansas-Nebraska border… James Butler Hickok came to the same realization as Mac, “You know, Jack, ‘Wild Bill’ and Wyatt Earp should not meet—it would really mess-up history beyond anything we can repair.”

The Boomer Jack & Hickok party on the trail ©2012 Jack Boardman

“What do you suggest, Jim?”

What do you suggest, Jim?”

You and Daisy continue as planned. I have a hunch the three of us will be needed elsewhere.”

A hunch?”

I agree, Aplha-Jack,” Daisy arfed, “I have a hunch as well, there is something coming that we hadn’t anticipated.”

In Dakota Territory just south of the former town of Dreadwood… Flutters caught up with Benji & Alice along the trail and landed next to them, “I have new instructions for you.”

Hi Flutters,” Alice barked, “What’s up?”

Sarah Cooper wants you to wait here and watch for them…” Flutters said. He went on to explain why.

Meanwhile, in Murdo, Dakota Territory… Deposed sheriff Philistine Bulgebottom wanted his job back, “We can hold an election right now, most of the town is here—why not?”

The mayor called a special election in Murdo ©2012 Jack Boardman

“We can hold an election right now, most of the town is here—why not?”

Some turned away, others, his friends, murmured in agreement. The Mayor made the decision, “Nope. We need to have everyone in the county notified. I’m officially calling for a special election to be held in one week. Is there another candidate?”

Standing next to Marshal Blackmon and Jay Cooper, Samuel Carpenter raised his hand, “I reckon I’ll throw m’hat in the ring.”

No one else seemed interested—so the word of the special election went out to the rest of the county.

To be Continued…


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11 Responses to Mac and Larry set up camp

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Something is coming we had not anticipated? What is it? I want to know now! It is only Sun/Mon and we have a cliff hanger already?


  2. Yes, I’m all for holding an erection right now!!


  3. ha ha ha ha..what auto fill?? Is that something new I do not know about..:)


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