“…get to the point!”


Meanwhile, in Murdo, Dakota Territory… Deposed sheriff Philistine Bulgebottom wanted his job back, “We can hold an election right now, most of the town is here—why not?”

Some turned away, others, his friends, murmured in agreement. The Mayor made the decision, “Nope. We need to have everyone in the county notified. I’m officially calling for a special election to be held in one week. Is there another candidate?”

Standing next to Marshal Blackmon and Jay Cooper, Samuel Carpenter raised his hand, “I reckon I’ll throw m’hat in the ring.”

No one else seemed interested—so the word of the special election went out to the rest of the county.

Season VI—Chapter 8—Wyatt Earp, Episode 7:

In Murdo, Dakota Territory… Chief Deputy US Marshal Blackmon assigned Deputy US Marshal Carpenter to deputize a couple of Murdo people he could trust, and remain in control of the Sheriff’s office until after the election. Carpenter knew several people who might be willing. It was no problem finding two to volunteer on a temporary basis.

Blackmon and Jay Cooper returned to the Coldwater Ranch where Sarah Cooper, Susan and Doc Shouse met them as they arrived, “You have to read this.”

Blackmon & Jay Cooper returned to the Coldwater Ranch ©2012 Jack Boardman

“You have to read this.”

By the time Susie returned from Murdo, Sarah had intercepted a second and third message, these detailed the ambush & murder of Texas rancher James Longbottom, one sent by his trail-boss and calling for revenge, and the other a reply from Longbottom’s brother and partner William. William had gathered nearly fifty men and was setting out for Wichita.

We’ll leave at dawn. We must get to Big Mac as quickly as possible. Does he know?”

Flutters should have reached him by now.”

The last thing we need is a range war.”

Well,” Doc Shouse was unconsciously rubbing her hands together a she spoke, “It appears we have one.”

Meanwhile, just south of the Kansas-Nebraska border… Mac was startled a bit by the arrival of a very tired, squawking Flutters—a Flutters who seemed to be too flustered to land, “I have news, news you NEED to know!”

You have my attention,” Mac rumbled, “Would it be easier if you landed?”

Flutters arrived at Mac's camp ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Would it be easier if you landed?”

No—I’d fall asleep. Chris & Sarah have intercepted telegraph messages…”

Come on bird breath,” Larry was becoming impatient—and irritated at the bird’s fluttering here and there as he spoke—very distracting, “Out with it, we don’t need the preamble; get to the point!”

Flutters wings gave out and as he crash-landed, he sputtered, “There’s going to be a range war in and around Wichita!

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to “…get to the point!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Bird Breath lol 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    That’s a distracting bird!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    So….you sent the bird to us? Thanks! 😦


  4. Good ole Flutters.I imagine he does get tired flying around the olden days..not too many pit stops back then LOL


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