Meanwhile on the rustler cattle drive outside of Wichita… “You fellas stick with the herd, me and Tom’s goin’ inta Wichita to meet up with th’ boss. We’ll be back when all’s ready t’bring th’ herd in.”

And finally—back in 2012 Port of Danger Bay… “Honestly, Cujo, I need a break from writing this damned thesis.”

Season VI—Chapter 8—Wyatt Earp, Episode 10:

2012 Port of Danger Bay at Silverthorn’s Café “Really? Why, Beta-Sarah?”

My mind is beginning to turn to mush, I need to do something completely different.”

Lucky, Sarah & Cujo outside Silverthorn's Café ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Okay, I think you’re right,” and as Cujo spoke Sarah found herself…

Okay, I think you’re right,” and as Cujo spoke Sarah found herself…

…Getting off the stagecoach, 1873 Wichita, Kansas…Dressed not as a teacher, but rather as a, “Well lookie wat jest stepped offen th’ stagecoach…”

A Newcomer arrived in Wichita ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Well lookie wat jest stepped offen th’ stagecoach…”

Sarah (who would be stuck with “Sadie” soon) quickly made note of a couple of things—she was no longer in a Technicolor world, and jackassedness was not limited to the 21st Century, “Go away, sir!”

The “jackass” began to amble over towards her as the stage pulled away, and Sadie couldn’t help but think, “Dammit, why did I say that? It never works.”

Just as the stagecoach pulled out, the two rustlers, Tom and Joe, rode up to the Painted Lady Saloon where they were to meet with the cattle broker, “He said to meet him here.”

Tom paused outside the Painted Lady ©2012 Jack Boardman

“He said to meet him here.”

Good thing too, Joe, my throat’s parched,” Tom said as they dismounted and walked inside with Joe entering first and Tom hesitating a moment to observe a small rustic-looking woman drawing her sidearm on a cowboy—that pause probably save his life…

Just north of the Kansas-Nebraska border… “Hello, Birdbrain, nice of you to drop in, AR-ROOO!!!”

Flutters, at least for the moment, ignored the greeting from his “Brown & White” friend, “Boomer, I have news from Marshals Blackmon and McIntyre!”

Flutters dropped in on Boomer & company ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Boomer, I have news from Marshals Blackmon and McIntyre!”

What news?”

You’re to meet-up with Big Mac and Larry and ride with all haste to Wichita. When you get there, find Earp—he’ll be needing your help.”

Okay—but why?”

Range war.”

Meanwhile, just North of the Dakota-Nebraska border… “Alice! Benji!”

The two dog-people jumped for joy hearing Susan’s greeting and gamboled about as dogs will when reunited with their alpha-humans. Susie brought the reunion celebration to a quick halt, “We have to keep going—as it is, we may arrive too late.”

To be Continued…


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  1. Jack Boardman says:

    This morning, about 7:30 CDT, the number one fan […and most helpfully critical] of the Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota, my Father-in-Law will be going into surgery to repair a broken hip he suffered yesterday. My thoughts will be with him for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


  2. Oh gosh. My irreverent comment just flew out the window. Sending good wishes and thoughts your way today. Love to T.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Love to you and T and all good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Keep us in the loop as to progress and outcome.


  4. Good..sorry I missed it 🙂 Im all caught up now and will try to behave 🙂 Hope your Fatherinlaw gets better ever day!


  5. yatters says:

    Speedy recovery to F in L.


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