But—but…” was all she could say as Earp was already out the door.

He saw two lawmen already there and then heard a lot of riders approaching, He recognized them as McCullough’s men and knew from experience that would be serious—especially if those men being confronted were also McCullough boys, “We need to deal with those riders.”

Just as two more shots were heard coming from the saloon the riders were upon them…

They didn’t hear the gunfire, Susie and Company had just finished getting rooms at the hotel and they walked out just as McCullough’s men rode into town—confronted by Wyatt Earp and one other deputy…

Season VI—Chapter 9—Range War, Episode 3:

Outside the Painted Lady in Wichita…the two McCullough boys didn’t expect to see anyone except their own McCullough bunch—much less two fellas wearing US Marshal badges.

Surprised, they hesitated a second or so before struggling to draw their guns. They met their maker as Kidd, and a split-second later, AJ drew & fired. The two were pretty-good at bushwhacking—as they had just done inside the saloon—but terminally lacking in a fair fight.

Outside the Painted Lady the McCullough boys met their maker ©2012 Jack Boardman

Surprised, they hesitated a second or so

Mac, Boomer and Larry ran (“ran?” Really?) towards the gunfire but the gunfight was over by the time the rounded the buildings. Moments later they heard riders, a lot of riders riding into town.

With Easy-Ed Miller leading, more than twenty cowboys rode hard from the McCullough Ranch, “We gotta get to town, fellers, before them Jones fellas git to town.”

They began to gallop as they approached Wichita and as they rounded the curve into town they were surprised to see Wyatt Earp and another cowboy walking calmly into the street—both with their hands on their sidearms.

They could have simply rode them down, but Earp’s reputation alone caused them to reign-in their horses.

You fellas know better than to ride like that into town.”

Sorry, Marshal Earp, we got word them fellas from the Jones Ranch was comin’ t’ town an’ we got two of our boys here an’ didn’t want them getting’ hurt.”

They’re dead. Tried to draw down on a coupla US Marshals.”

Let us by, marshal,” Easy-Ed found his courage, “Them marshals had no cause. If you don’t, we going t’ ride you an’ yer little deputy down.”

Easy-Ed hadn’t noticed Deputy US Marshals Blackmon, Sarah & Jay Cooper, Shouse and Miller arrive on the boardwalk outside the hotel.

Wyatt Earp & Sadie confronted McCulloch's boys ©2012 Jack Boardman

“I just don’t think that is all that smart, cowboy,” Marshal Blackmon said

I just don’t think that is all that smart, cowboy,” Marshal Blackmon said just loud enough for him to hear.

To complicate matters a little more, Big Mac, Larry, Boomer, Kidd and AJ ambled up behind Earp.

That was enough for Easy-Ed and his merry band of cowboys and they quickly turned and galloped out of town.

To be Continued…


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15 Responses to Easy-Ed

  1. sgtmajcarl says:


    “…Easy-Ed and his merry band of cowboys…”

    You REALLY set this post up to be hijacked, Jack! 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Sometimes getting out of town is the best plan.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    We are such an intimidating bunch of cowboys and cowgirls…I just love it! Nothing like the sweet smell retreating dust in the morning!


  4. yatters says:

    methinks Easy Ed was a certain southern Marshall’s hot time in the old town?


  5. sounds like a good name for a country music band! LOL


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