Buttons heard it first, “People-dog Susie! I hear gunfire about a mile ahead!”

Lead us there, Buttons, let’s go!” Susie ordered and then to Josie, “At the gallop!”

Josie responded and everyone else joined the charge towards the gunfire. Tiny Buttons, for her part, managed to stay ahead of the charging horses (although I suspect the Josie purposely held back so Buttons could lead the charge—Josie never admitted this, however).

Soon they arrived at the site of the gunfire…

Mac & Company turned off the main road when Alice alerted them to gunfire in the distance and they quickly rode towards the gunfire. As they approached the gunfire stopped and they saw smoke through the trees.

Moments later…

Season VI—Chapter 9—Range War, Episode 8:

Mac & Company…The raiders were riding quickly away from the farm and turned towards the approaching peace officers—and were quite surprised to see them—they hadn’t expected to see any but farmers running for town.

Eight Raiders attacked Mac and company ©2012 Jack Boardman

The raiders were riding quickly away from the farm…

They quickly drew their sidearms and the eight raiders attacked Mac and Company. Outnumbering the marshals by 2:1, there could only be one outcome…

Susie & Company…Marshal Blackmon and Company stopped at the crest of a hill. In the distance they saw riders slowly approaching—at least a dozen riders.

They’d just finished the last of three farms—completely destroyed and left burning, and were on their way to launch a raid on Wichita itself; a quick ride through town shooting at anyone and everyone on the street.

Their leader, One-Eye Muldoon, saw the riders on the hill and mistook them for refugees, “Hey fellers was got some work to do, let’s get’m!”

A dozen or more riders charged Blackmon & Company ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Hey fellers was got some work to do, let’s get’m!”

They broke into a gallop and with guns drawn they charged the hill.

Oh. Crap!” Boomer exclaimed as he drew his sidearm—the others, sharing his opinion, drew their sidearms as well.

Boomer manged to empty one pistol and as he drew the second—he silently fell from Pal…

Kidd faced the raiders alone ©2012 Jack Boardman

Meanwhile…back in Wichita…

Meanwhile…back in Wichita…The raiders rode in past the stable and found a single lawman standing between them and the Painted Lady and it’s promise of booze and women. They drew their sidearms and began shooting, but Randy Kidd drew both his sidearms and took down two of the raiders before they could get off a shot—however, the rest fired an incredible number of shots at Kidd…

To be Continued…


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12 Responses to Showdowns

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    FIRST!!! Now there’s enough action to send chills up even Doc Shouse’s spine! 😀


  2. At least a dozen riders?? Were they all mounted??


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Boomer silently fell from Pal … ???


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    I feel the chills for sure and I feel my finger itching to stop these murders! How dare they bring innocent families into this fight. I caught that line about Boomer but Sarah beat me to it, so I am on the edge of my saddle to find out why he fell!


  5. I knew I had missed one..and here it is…:) uh oh..THE MAN is down!..surely not for long tho…


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