They won’t give up


Her name is Daisy, she’s been with you through thick and thin for over seven years—and her heart is broken that you can’t hear her.”

That stopped him cold. He climbed down from Pal and knelt next to Daisy and cradled her head with his hand, “I’m so sorry, Daisy—I don’t remember—anything. You are a good dog, and maybe, just maybe you will help me remember.”

I will try, Alpha-Jack,” she replied. That was all she needed for now—she could be patient. Her tail couldn’t help itself as it began to wag furiously, and didn’t stop for the next several hours.

At an Undisclosed Location…Cujo met with Ringo and Karma and after much discussion they concluded there was another force preventing them from reaching out to Boomer—but what force?

Meanwhile—far above the Earth…

Season 7—Chapter 11—Kolar-King—Episode 2:

Meanwhile—far above the Earth…We cannot pronounce his name properly, so we’ll just call him “Kolar.” We also cannot pronounce her name properly, so we’ll just call her “Kassandra.” We can pronounce their slave-crew’s names—they don’t have names—they are simply labeled I, II, III, and IV. That works for me—I hope it works for you as well, GENTLE READER. It’s not like you have a choice—right?

Kolar's Ship Orbited over North America ©2012 Jack Boardman

We cannot pronounce his name properly, so we’ll just call him “Kolar.”

If any of you have any idea WHY Kolar would choose to disrupt Boomer’s memory, I would REALLY like to know. There are other things I’d like to know as well:

  1. How the heck I’ll write my way out of this.
  2. Why the heck I decided to draw cheesy 1940s spaceships and characters?
  3. Why doesn’t NASA notice this rocket ship?

Number IV, engage the memory disruptor again. Number III, the next time you break orbit without orders, you WILL be sent outside to polish the rocket ship.”

But Kolar-King, I can’t breath out there!”

No. You can’t.”

Kassandra laughed derisively.

Meanwhile—at an Undisclosed Location…Ringo, Cujo & Karma had been pondering the situation with Boomer for some time now and considered all the possibilities, save one. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ability to detect forces outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

I have my WolvenKnights following Boomer, out of his line-of-sight, so we can keep track of his whereabouts.”

Ringo, Cujo & Karma at an undisclosed location ©2012 Jack Boardman

“You won’t tell the humans?” Karma asked.

You won’t tell the humans?” Karma asked.

No—they would be inclined to go to him and try to help him.”

Cujo sighed, “They mean well, but that would just put pressure on him to remember, thereby pushing any possible memories deeper into the recesses of his consciousness.”

They still search?”

They won’t give up, Ringo, they won’t give up.”

To be Continued…


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17 Responses to They won’t give up

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I totally did NOT see this coming!


  2. Pull what off??? P.S. No spacemen for me!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    The age old question…WHY ME LORD WHAT DID I EVER DO? Yes you defiantly pulled off a sneak attack on this. Break Orbit? Does that mean it was an accident they are here? Cool looking aliens but they do look mean! Look forward to the playing out of this theme! 🙂


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    Yep. “Flash Gordon” type villains for sure. Love it!


  5. Daisy Boardman says:



  6. did not come through..Id like to see also !!! ha ha mayB write Susie in a alien BF ha ha ha


  7. OHHHHH wow the pics came through now!! MIghty muscle man Id say..whoa..they are kidly rough looking..they will scare the wits outta them cowboys!!!


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