“They’ll be back.”


Where do you come from?”

Until a month ago, I lived in Hartle’s Corners, Missouri. Great-Great-Grandfather sowed some wild oats during his stay there, apparently. MY parents, with a sense of irony, named me after my womanizing ancestor. After meet you in 1873, I decided to go to Danger Bay to meet your 21st Century self.”

Meanwhile—far above the Earth…“Why O my King, are we so concerned with this insignificant human?” Kassandra sneered (true to form—this Kassandra cannot speak without sneering, signifying here pure evil), “He is so insignificant in the schemes of the universe.”

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There is so much you don’t understand, Kassandra,” Kolar derisively replied, “He is the Codger™!

Season 7—Chapter 11—Kolar-King—Episode 4:

What does this title, this ‘Codger™’ mean? And why is there a ‘™’ in this title?” sneered Kassandra, derisively.

He is the inventor of our universe, my silly, emaciated, and quite frankly, unattractively sneering Kassandra. You should strive for a sincere smile.”

Kolar's Ship Orbited over North America

Kolar’s Ship Orbited over North America

You KNOW I cannot ‘sincerely‘ smile, O’wise and wonderful consort Kolar,” the sneer in her voice—palpable.

If we control the Codger™, we control the universe—and your ability to smile sincerely. And thereby, improving your appearance.”

Meanwhile—on the trail somewhere north of Devil Track Lake…We will leave these characters alone to travel and to proceed to…

The Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota…Doctor Chris Shouse and Allen Stanley Simpson completed all the paperwork necessary for the merger of their two animal shelters into one. Chris had no desire to manage the business side of the shelters and Al Simpson no aptitude for the hands-on side of the business.

That Chris even went through with the deal was due largely to the counsel of two people she trusted implicitly—Susan Miller and Hiram Silverthorn, both of whom were known for their uncanny ability to detect any hint of duplicity. Both were convinced that Simpson truly did want to emulate Adelbert Samuel Simpson of 1873 Williams’ Station.

A very long limousine slowly drove by PawZ

A very long limousine slowly drove by PawZ

Everything seemed to be going well, that is until a very long limousine slowly drove by PawZ. The car continued towards downtown on the other side of the harbor. Simpson stared after the car, “They’ll be back.”

Meanwhile—in Williams’ Station…Devil Track Township Marshal AJ Boardman had just finished one of Susan Miller’s extraordinary breakfasts and was standing outside chatting with her when a limousine drove slowly into town.

To be Continued…NOTE: We are taking the rest of the week off.



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12 Responses to “They’ll be back.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  2. Is some high-ranking, slippery-zippered General going to be crawling out of that limo with a ‘biographer’ in tow? Gobble gobble!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    That is an awesome limo!
    Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! 🙂


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    That’s one loooooooooooong limo! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂


  5. Daisy Boardman says:

    I’m thankful that I’ve ALWAYS (‘cept as a young pup) lived in my FOREVER home! AR-ROOOO!!!!


  6. Hope everybody has had a great Thanksgiving..and is over the turkey and on to the soup..I am !!!
    Nice pimp ride!!


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