Chief Deputy Town Marshal and former Reservation Police Sergeant Douglas Cloud were the only customers in Silverthorn’s when Boomer & company arrived. He was quite disappointed when Boomer declined his attempt to deputize him and Kidd, “We need the help, Big Mac also declined—what’s up with you two?”

Easy Doug,” Hiram smiled, stoically (is this possible?), “Boomer has been through a lot.”

I need a vacation, Doug. You already have the best people helping—I’m sure.”

Your memory is back I suspect?”

It is, thanks to Cujo,” Boomer replied, “Mac declined too?”

He’s 77 years old, I think he’s finally considering retirement—and Collie’s gently pushing him in that direction.”

Mac? Retire? REALLY?”

Season 8—Chapter 1—Cartel—Episode 2:

Continuing our story at Silverthorn’s Café… “Well, speak of the devil—Good morning Mac, Collie. What can I get for you?”

Coffee times two I think,” Mac rumbled, looking at Boomer & Kidd, “Who are these strangers? Y’know, with all the cartel stuff going-on, you just CAN’T be too careful about letting strangers into your place.”

A vagabond, to be sure—two of them it seems, not to mention a couple of dogs—in my restaurant!”

Mac & Collie in Silverthorn's Café ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Go figure. Okay, strangers, tell us your tales—and they’d better be good.”

Go figure. Okay, strangers, tell us your tales—and they’d better be good.”

Boomer, Kidd, Daisy & George told their tales—all of them—and when they finished all were quiet for a moment.

Wow,” Mac summed-up what all were thinking, “That just reinforces the need for a vacation, something that Collie will agree to, I suspect.”

Then let us repair to the Cabin-on-the-Rock,” Boomer was as weary as he sounded, “If you see Medlar, please ask him to stop by, I have some vehicle swapping to do.”

You want your Datsun back?”

Not now, Hiram. Has Shadowfax been behaving?”

Yes—still a hoot to drive.”

Then continue to enjoy it until we get back.”

What should I tell Lar?”

I need an extended-cab ¾ ton pick-up, and will trade my Buick for it.”

Meanwhile—at the 61 Way Café… “Make sure the sheriff is ‘comfy’ until the boss tells us what he wants to do with him.”

Filstrup & Johanssen at the 61 Way Café ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Make sure the sheriff is ‘comfy’ until the boss tells us what he wants to do with him.”

Okay, Rip,” Lester Filstrup, replied, “But you know what the big guy will tell us, this McCoy is too dangerous to let live.”

Yep,” Johanssen replied, “But until he says, we just gotta keep him secure, and healthy—just in case.”

Oh crap! There’s a police car pullin’ in,” Tony Lasser was standing by the front windows, “A Rez-Cop.”

To be Continued…

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  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    The 61 Way Cafe reminds me of Ruby’s, where I once had breakfast with your lovely wife.


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow well we have all been through a lot and I suspect we will have a lot more to go through 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Maybe we’d better stick around…


  4. Good to be back Jack..Im sorry Ive missed so much..but I will catch up before the end of the year…LOL


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