At the 61 Way Café… “Jest act casual, fellers. We covered our tracks purty good. ‘Sides, he got no authority off da rez.”

Lieutenant Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. slowly looked over the big Chevy 4×4 Crew-Cab—paying particular attention to the tread-design of the tires. And he found what he was looking for! The tires were custom “Xtreme Off-Road Premium by TirePro”—not the more common off-road tires used be serious off-roaders.

Smiling, he went up to the café—and they were ready for him

Season 8—Chapter 1—Cartel—Episode 4:

At the 61 Way Café…“Go ’round back, Lightning, see if you can put that nose to work.”

At the 61 Way Café

“Yes, Alpha-Ell-Tee, sniffing for People-McCoy?”

Yes, Alpha-Ell-Tee, sniffing for People-McCoy?”

If you find a scent, report back to me, take no direct action—unless absolutely necessary. Two barks if he’s there, one if not,” and with that he went inside.

Doc Shouse went outside to find Patrol Sergeant Frank Sloan...

At PawZ…

At PawZ… Doc Shouse went outside to find Patrol Sergeant Frank Sloan and Deputy Oliver Funk, and two patrol cars, one of which looked brand new, a white Chevy Suburban—obviously not one of Medlar Farkleberry’s restorations—and it had K9 markings. She was unaware of that Sheriff’s K9 unit.

At the Port of Danger Bay Town Marshal's office

At the Port of Danger Bay Town Marshal’s office

At the Port of Danger Bay Town Marshal’s office… Susie Blackmon, Sarah & Jay Cooper, Larry Yatkowski, Larry Fluttermatters and James Hickok were offering their services as deputies.

As you might guess, GENTLE READER, Town Marshal Wyatt Earp was overwhelmed, “Thank you all. I think, however, that William’s Station will need some help, there are only three peace officers there. Larry? Would you and Flutters head there to help AJ?”

On our way—are you SURE I should bring Flutters?”

Better you than us.”

Meanwhile, at Karen's Kozy Kabins

Meanwhile, at Karen’s Kozy Kabins

Meanwhile…At Karen’s Kozy Kabins… They arrived in relatively nondescript sedans—certainly not locals who generally preferred “Restored-by-Farkleberry” classic cars, but then again, locals didn’t often take a room there, so Karen Thayer was not in the least bit suspicious—in retrospect, she should have been…

And finally—about the same time in Williams' Station...

And finally—about the same time in Williams’ Station…

And finally—about the same time in Williams’ Station… Devil Track Township Marshal AJ Boardman had asked both his sister Sarah (who’d just secured a job teaching French at Hare College, and Susan Miller, to serve as deputies—both understanding the threat of the cartel—willingly accepted the request.

To be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Pawz looks so spiffy and my how we have grown…everyone of the buildings look great 🙂


  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    Do I get a new DOGHOUSE (even an old DOGHOUSE would be okay…I don’t have ANY DOGHOUSE now)? AR-ROOO!!!


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    Deputy my tail feathers methinks thinks Fluttermatters!

    Upon consulting the Master uttered two words – Forget it!

    Growling with the sound often heard from the brown and white while seeking another biscuit – “It would” said the Master, “be a waste of deluxe with cheese Elton John pink diamond encrusted super-sleuth-find-the-truth spectacles suited only to handsome birds of intellect and diverse training in the art of subterfuge and misinformation.” Something he noted with a fond grin, that “can only found west of the most western bluer than blue mountains.”


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