Confrontation at the 61 Way Café


At PawZ…Chris was officially hired as K9 Operations Supervisor and given the rank of Lieutenant as a reserve Moosehead County Sheriff’s deputy.

Chris hired as Sheriff's Special Deputy

Chris hired as Sheriff’s Special Deputy

At the 61 Way Café…“Go ’round back, Lightning, see if you can put that nose to work.”

Yes, Alpha-Ell-Tee, sniffing for People-McCoy?”

If you find a scent, report back to me, take no direct action—unless absolutely necessary. Two barks if he’s there, one if not,” and with that he went inside.

Season 8—Chapter 1—Cartel—Episode 5:

At the 61 Way Café… Lt. Silverthorn strolled into the café smiling widely, nodded at Rip and his friends, “Hello Ed, how ’bout some of that horrible coffee you serve?”

Silverthorn confronted by Rip

Silverthorn confronted by Rip

Watcha doin’ here chief?” Rip sneered as he approached Silverthorn, “You seemed awful interested in m’truck’s tires, you thinkin’ of stealing ’em? This ain’t the res an’ you ain’t got not authority here.”

Two things happened before Hiram Jr. responded—he noticed the look on Ed Schultze’s face and Lightning barked twice, indicating that McCoy was in the back room, “Excuse me a moment, sir, my phone’s getting a call.”

Hiram pulled out his phone and pretended to listen a moment as he entered the single-digit all-call number, “Okay, thanks. I’m at the 61 Way, and have a little business here, then I’ll head over.”

Turning back to Rip, Silverthorn smiled, “Two things, sir, you should know—I looked at your tires because I need some new ones for my Ram 4×4, AND for your information, MOST of Moosehead County, including right here, IS part of the Eagle Point Reservation. How DO you like those tires?”

Rip didn’t know quite how to reply; obviously, he didn’t expect this Indian to be so calm, “I like ’em fine, chief, but you prob’ly can’t afford ’em—they cost $500 each.”

Lester sidled over and with the toughest look he could muster, “You maybe should get-on outta here… chief… your kind ain’t wanted here.”

Silverthorn confronted by Lester

Silverthorn confronted by Lester

Silverthorn glanced at Lester with a half-grin and then turned beck to Rip, “I paid $600 each for the crappy tires I have now, so that price seems good if those tires are as good as you say. C’mon let’s give ‘m another look—how you like your rig?”

Rip shrugged his shoulders and with a look at his friends, a look that said “back down, I got this” he turned to Hiram, “Sure chief, why not?”

Silverthorn knew that sooner or later Rip and his friends would try to take him out—he had to buy some time.

From all over the county peace officers were responding…silently.

Would they be on time?

To be Continued…Wednesday December 26th

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11 Responses to Confrontation at the 61 Way Café

  1. Tee hee. He probably got there too fast. Fa la la la la….


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL 🙂 Good storytelling…I like being an LT.


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    “Two barks if he’s there, one if not”

    Methinks this qualifies as ‘disturbing the piece’.


  4. 🙂 my email is receiving your posts with no content I think its the email..not you tho LOL no worries Im here way or another I must catch up to the present past LOL


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