Flutters gets it right?


Hello Flutters, how may I help you?”

Flutters explained everything, and amazingly enough, for those of us who know him, at least, leaving nothing out and in great detail. Ringo thought over what he had been told for some time. Finally he looked closely at the bird, “Come, Flutters, let us gather all the available WolvenKnights and perhaps LaChat Sauvage and make with all due haste to the 61 Way Café.”

Why the cat?” Like all birds, Flutters was uncomfortable around cats—especially BIG cats like Sauvage.

She can do things we can’t.”

Meanwhile—Less than a mile from the 61 Way Café…All the responding peace officers stopped to make their final plans.

Was this all too late for Todd McCoy?

Season 8—Chapter 1—Cartel—Episode 8:

Some miles away in the forest…Flutters was given his final instructions by Ringo—he was to find the human peace officers and tell them of Ringo’s plan, and amazingly enough—considering—he memorized the instructions and flew off to find them.

“…an out-of-breath Flutters made a clumsy—even for him—landing in their midst…”

A short time laterLess than a mile from the 61 Way Café…the assembled marshals, deputy sheriffs and police officers were a bit surprised when an out-of-breath Flutters made a clumsy—even for him—landing in their midst, “Ringo has a plan, you must NOT storm the café, but wait for the gang-members to try and escape!”

And just why not?” Chris was resting her hand on her sidearm. It was then she (and the others) noticed ALL the assembled canines: Alice, Benji, PepperCooper, Buttons and Thunder run off into the woods towards the café, “Where are THEY going?”

Chris hadn’t heard the call of the WolvenKing—it was at a sound frequency well above the range of human hearing—a call to join the assembled WolvenKnights behind the 61 Way Café.

Sarah Cooper had a hunch, “I suspect they are going to try to get into the café and scare the gang-members outside.”

But how?”

Flutters had that little light-bulb thingy start flashing over his head, “That BIG cat, Sauvage! But it will only work if the door is unlocked.”

We need to move into position to block anyone from leaving—now!” Susie commanded (never mind her retirement—when she spoke, she was STILL the Danger Bay Town Marshal)—and no one hesitated.

Moments later—behind the 61 Way Café…LeChat Sauvage began mewing and scratching at the back door and the gang-member guarding Todd McCoy unlocked the door, a cat’s meow seemed harmless enough, harmless enough until he opened the door and saw a snarling wildcat supported by several large timber wolves. He slammed the door shut, but failed to lock the door.

LeChat Sauvage began mewing and scratching at the back door...

LeChat Sauvage began mewing and scratching at the back door…

With both paws, Sauvage turned the handle and pulled the door open…

To be Continued…Next YEAR!

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11 Responses to Flutters gets it right?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Shoot em up bang bang is what is on my mind just as my hand is fondling the gun…..LOL 🙂


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      You beat me this morning…I’m not in this story-line, but still am reaching for my shotgun. Perhaps we spent too much time in 1873? 😀


      • Jack Boardman says:

        Take a CHILL-PILL Carl! 😛


      • Chris Shouse says:

        Is that not the truth? We are way to used to danger and bad guys, these guys in the 21st Century don’t stand a chance against us and our secret crime fighters…that is quite of collection of animals we have on our side!


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Smart kitties are so much trouble!


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Flutters gets it Right?REALLY? AR-ROOO!!!


    • fluttermatters26 says:

      Reviewing the score card methinks thinks Fluttermatters it reads thusly…
      Brown and White – zero
      Charming, Elegant and ever so clever Pigeon – several


      • Daisy Boardman says:

        “…Charming, Elegant and ever so clever Pigeon – several…”

        You forgot to include: VAIN. BOL! AR-ROOO!!!


  4. Love the picture of them all ❤


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