Underboss’ demise


They paid no notice to the three customers who were leaving after being interrogated. Perhaps they should have.

Now what?”

We go back to our cabins & call the boss. It’s clear this takeover of this hick county will take longer than he expected—local help is useless.”

Maybe he didn’t pick well.”

You going to tell him that?”


Season 8—Chapter 1—Cartel—Episode 11:

At “Karen’s Kozy Kabins”—Number One…Sandra, Jim, Annie and George, met to discuss what had happened at the 61 Way Cafe. Jim called their underboss, George Smith, and informed him of the arrests of the local help.

Meeting in Karen's Kozy Kabin One

Meeting in Karen’s Kozy Kabin One

To say he was unhappy was clearly an understatement. Being an “underboss” was, at best, difficult. You were in competition with all the other underbosses and your survival, quite literally—survival, depended upon your keeping in good stead with with the big boss, head of the operation in Moosehead County, “Capo di tutti capi” Philip Ameche.

George passed the news to Ameche and within an hour, George’s competition, Thomas Arnett, was floating face-down in Lake Superior.

Smith called Jim back, “Mr. Ameche was not pleased by what happened and the other operation has been—terminated. Your team is to continue to enjoy your ‘North Shore vacation,’ and get to know the local people—and the local gossip. I expect a daily report.”

Very well, Mr. Smith, I’ll tell the others,” Jim terminated the call and turned to the others, “We need to meet with everyone. Sandra, call the others and have them casually run in to us tonight, at Silverthorn’s.”

Meanwhile—at the 61 Way CaféThe after-the-rescue-party attended by the “usual suspects” was about to break up. Susan had been quiet as she had something on her mind, “AJ? Would you mind if I stopped in Danger Bay before returning to Williams’ Station? I need to speak with Hiram Silverthorn.”

Inside the 61 Way Café

“No, not at all, Take your time.”

No, not at all, Take your time.”

I might be a while, maybe Larry could bring the squad back. The dogs & I can ride with Chris. The dogs are due for their annual physicals.”

That works for me,” Larry quipped, “You have no idea how scary it is riding shotgun with Marshal AJ.”

Andrew grinned—widely, “Not to mention the pigeon-poop Flutters left behind in the squad.”

He didn’t, did he?”

I dunno, but if he did, you WILL take care of it…right?”

To be Continued…

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17 Responses to Underboss’ demise

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    This makes me GLAD we’re off looking for Lullaby Creek! 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh my…they are among us!


  3. Jack Boardman says:

    WHAT? Is no one concerned about the “pigeon-poop” that might be littering AJ’s squad car? Anyone? 😛


  4. ~~and Im supposed to clean it up?? ha ha ha


    • fluttermatters26 says:

      Methinks thinks Fluttermatters the Sweet Woman has nothing to fear nor should she be concerned.
      Unlike the Brown and White the efficient and generous creator of ‘lawn chocolates’ and odd sounds, ‘PP’s’ are no more than a passing memory of what was. 🙂


  5. seems like I do alot of that anyway..in the real world..with 3 labs!!! yikes!!


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