She turned in to the parking lot and Chris followed; her curiosity piqued—she had never noticed this place—and it was a wreck.

Look at this, Chris. It’s perfect!”

Windows broken and haphazardly boarded over, parking lot overgrown with weeds, Chris was less-than impressed, “Are you sure?”

Of the building? No. Of the location? Absolutely!” Susan wouldn’t know for sure until she could get inside, “There’s a phone number on the door, I’m going to call the Realtor®. Hmmmm…I wonder if she’s related to Boomer?”


Same last name.”

Season 8—Chapter 2—The Harbor—Episode 3:

The Port of Danger Bay Harbor

The Port of Danger Bay Harbor

The Harbor…When Susan and Chris drove through the harbor, before and after they stopped at the old boarded-up restaurant, they passed by …

Boat crew housing

Boat crew housing…

Boat crew housing—established by the original commercial fishing operations to house the seasonal fishermen who crewed the many fishing boats that were once based in Danger Bay. As that industry died out in the late 50s and early 60s, the buildings were mostly abandoned. That changed in 2007 when Molly Halloran and what would become Danger Bay Adventure Cruise Company arrived. The small house to the left is part of the restaurant property and is included in the sale of the restaurant.

Boat repair shops

Boat repair shops

Boat repair shops—established about the same time as the crew housing to provide necessary repairs to the many fishing boats—abandoned about the same time and resurrected with the arrival of the cruise company by the Farkleberry family.

Harbor Patrol, Harbormaster offices & Ship's Chandler

Harbor Patrol, Harbormaster offices & Ship’s Chandler

Harbor Patrol, Harbormaster offices & Ship’s Chandler—as the Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota became again active, a Harbormaster, Cob Pettigrew, was hired and the Harbor Patrol established. The Ship’s Chandler, Matthew Farkleberry (and the Farkleberry family) owned the repair shops as well as providing parts and accessories at the Ship’s Chandler parts store.

Danger Bay Adventure Cruise Company

Danger Bay Adventure Cruise Company

Danger Bay Adventure Cruise Company operations & ticket office—located on the largest wharf is the world headquarters of that operation. Pictured in front of the building are Trigg Guudelender and Captain Molly Halloran. Halloran is the very first character created and both date back to 2006 on the blogsite, Active Rain.

Meanwhile—at the boarded-up restaurant… Susan called the number listed for the Realtor® and after a couple of rings “Moosehead County Realty, this is Philomena Boardman—How may I help you?”

To be Continued…

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11 Responses to Harbor

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wonderful tour and amazing illustrations, Jack! Philomena … ?


  2. Yes, the illustrations are amazing. Philomena is a new twist. Is she a fishmonger??


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Do we just call her Philly:) Love the Cyberspace Association of Realtors comment and I could go find a trademark over on my Real Talk blog but just remember I could LOL….. Love the illustrations they are amazing!


  4. Awesome.great art work like my lil house too..I think they will sell it to me anyway..right?


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