Grey Wolf James Silverthorn


One moment, Chris,” Philomena said pleasantly. And a moment later, “I had to check, you understand, Chris. I found you in the CAR (Cyberspace Association of REALESTATORS®). I’m sending you the information you will need. Please let me know when we can get together.”

We’ll get back to you in an hour or so,” Chris replied and after a couple of the usual phone-pleasantries, ended the call and turned to Susan, “Let’s head back to Silverthorn’s Café and work up an offer.”

Meanwhile—at Silverthorn’s Café… “Hi Gramma, Gramps, I’m HUNGRY!”

Jimmy!” Kiwidinok Silverthorn exclaimed, she was always glad to see a grandchild—and in this case—her only grandchild.

Greetings, Grey Wolf,” Hiram beamed for much the same reason, “How’s life as a restaurant executive?”

It pretty-much sucks.”

Season 8—Chapter 2—The Harbor—Episode 5:

Continuing our story at Silverthorn’s Café… “Sucks? Isn’t that what you studied for?”

Grey Wolf James Silverthorn arrived at Silverthorn's Café

“Yes, Gramma, it is…”

Yes Gramps, it IS—but I may have made a mistake hooking-up with a chain. My manager is a great lady, but even she is tired of the top-down management—they’re just not interested in our recommendations based on our local needs.”

Is it affecting business?”

Yes, Gramma, it is. There’s another chain’s operation a block away and they have more freedom to adapt to local preferences—they even offer fresh lake trout dinners—something no matter how we plead, our chain will not allow. Their business is a third, or more better than ours.”

Your chain knows this?”

Yes—they blame Cindy, not our menu. Look, there are only so many people who actually like ‘Grits-N-Gumbo Combo Meals‘ in this part of the country.”

Chis and Susan pulled in to Silverthorn’s and the parking lot was nearly empty, only one car parked in front (you may note, GENTLE READER, there are always cars in back—just part of the scenery—Hiram insisted on this so people think the café is busy—no one is fooled by this). As they walked inside they were instantly greeted, “Well—this is a surprise! Coffee?”

Chris & Susan parked at Silverthorn's Café

“Well—this is a surprise! Coffee?”

No thanks Hiram, perhaps some herb tea?” Chris replied, “Susan found a place at the harbor.”

Oh, I forgot about that place,” Hiram was remembering the former owners as he spoke, “Nice people, up from the ‘Cities. They tried really hard and knew food; they just didn’t understand business. Closed a decade ago.”

I mentioned our grandson was coming, right?” Kiwi was grinning widely, “Well—he’s here.”

To be Continued…

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12 Responses to Grey Wolf James Silverthorn

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Love the art and the way this story is going 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    The parking lot situation reminds me of a local restaurant that has their employees park in a line along the road instead of in the parking lot — place looks crazy busy every time you drive by!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Ummmm…I have a “Southern” taste in food, having frown up in Mississippi, but

    ‘Grits-N-Gumbo Combo Meals‘

    Churns my stomach! 😛


  4. fluttermatters26 says:

    “Well—this is a surprise!”
    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters these are words rarely spoken by UKNOWHO 🙂


  5. grits and gumbo sounds good enuff for me right now!!


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