When will the train come in?


Good! You probably haven’t been corrupted by corporate management yet.”

They’re trying,” Grey Wolf replied and then told Susan of his frustrations working in a chain restaurant.

As he told his story, Chris had been studying the details of possible transaction for the restaurant, and it looked pretty good. It was a foreclosure with the bank willing to look at almost any offer as they wanted to get the place off their books, “Susan, excuse me a moment. The asking price is not out of line for the condition of the building, and the house is in good shape. I recommend a slightly-below asking price offer—how much are you willing to make on a down-payment?”

All of it.”


Sure, offer 50% of asking and see if that has wings. If not, we can go as high as 75%, but no higher.”

I’ll call Philomena.”

Season 8—Chapter 2—The Harbor—Episode 7:

Continuing our story-line at Silverthorn’s Café… “You’re kidding, right?”

At Silverthorn's Café...

Continuing our story-line at Silverthorn’s Café…

No Philomena, I’m not. That’s what my client is willing to pay for the property,” Chris replied.

Call me ‘Phil’ please, Chris. You said ‘cash’ no mortgage, right?”

I did. I just sent a cyberfax to you with all the details.”

Thanks, Chris, it just came through. I’ll present this as soon as possible, and get back to you.”

Any idea when or…if?”

It’s a bank.”

Gotcha, Phil. Thanks.”

Well…?” Susan was anxious and excited—who wouldn’t be, considering?

Banks are pretty unpredictable, I’m afraid.”

There’s something you should know, that may help a bit,” Hiram offered, “The town council has been fining the bank, monthly, for the condition of the restaurant and the fine amount goes up each month that repairs aren’t made. That just may help their decision.”

That might help, then again, we’re talking about a bank—they are pretty unpredictable, and sometimes do things that seem to defy logic.”

Meanwhile—Larry was by the old Danger Bay Train Depot… “Okay, when WILL the train come in?”

Flutters just looked at him and—sighed.

Waiting at the depot for a trian

Flutters just looked at him and—sighed.

To be Continued…

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15 Responses to When will the train come in?

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Banks! So much easier to deal with people. (And they’re unpredictable enough!) I hope they’re sensible this time!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Yes banks do not have logic in their arsenal and they are a real pain in an agents butt. Why is Larry waiting for a train? Did I miss something?


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    “haven’t been corrupted by corporate management yet”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters this could be an invitation from the marshal.


  4. yatters says:

    Tapping toes in anticipation – its not a matter of when the train will arrive it is more the matter of who will be on it.


  5. Hard cold cash thats me..well lack of it ha ha ha..BUT obviously not in cyberspace… yeah!!!!!


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