Something strange at the RR depot


Well…?” Susan was anxious and excited—who wouldn’t be, considering?

Banks are pretty unpredictable, I’m afraid.”

There’s something you should know, that may help a bit,” Hiram offered, “The town council has been fining the bank, monthly, for the condition of the restaurant and the fine amount goes up each month that repairs aren’t made. That just may help their decision.”

That might help, then again, we’re talking about a bank—they are pretty unpredictable, and sometimes do things that seem to defy logic.”

Meanwhile—Larry was by the old Danger Bay Train Depot… “Okay, when WILL the train come in?”

Flutters just looked at him and—sighed.

Season 8—Chapter 2—The Harbor—Episode 8:

Danger Bay Historic Train Depot… And then something strange began to play about their collective consciousness—well, considering this IS “Cheesy Cyber-fiction” GENTLE READER—not all THAT strange.

And then something strange began to play about their collective consciousness

“Hey Larry, what is that?”

Of course Flutters was the first to notice—Larry Yatkowsky was engaged in a bit of strategic woolgathering, “Hey Larry, what is that?”

I have no idea what you are talking about, Flutters, and I hope it has nothing to do with the ‘Master,’ as strategic woolgathering requires concentrat…” Larry’s tactical retort was interrupted as he too began to take notice…

Why is that?”

Train cars began to appear in front of the depot

Larry’s tactical retort was interrupted as he too began to take notice…

Methinks you should be asking ‘what is that?’ You must be…”

Flutters’ comeback was interrupted, “I know WHAT it is…but I don’t know why—unless—it’s a form of codger payback for a comment made without such consideration.” (Yes, GENTLE READER it IS.)

As the apparition solidified, Larry became certain his assessment was correct—there was but one thing to do, “Let’s see where these tracks lead.”

Larry takes the train out

“Let’s see where these tracks lead.”

And off they went, “Be useful, Flutters, throw another log on the fire, and bake me up some biscuits and some beans.”


Meanwhile—at Silverthorn’s CaféThere were two offers made—one contingent upon the other and Susan and Chris were waiting, as patiently as possible, to hear back from Philomena Boardman on the “other.”

How long can this take?”

Inside Silverthorn's Cafe

“How long can this take?”

We’re dealing with a bank, Susan, there’s no telling how they will respond.”

And just as Chris finished speaking, her phone rang. It was Philomena.

Hello, Chris? I have some news…”

To be Continued…

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16 Responses to Something strange at the RR depot

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice Choo Choo!


  2. yeah..nice train!!.Hay good thing this is not a Friday..Id be quite antsy!!!!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    LOVE the sense of movement with the train! And you managed to sneak in a Monday cliffhanger — was the call good news or bad?!


  4. Wheeeee! Love the art!!

    Just cuz you put your socks in the oven don’t make ’em biscuits….


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    HA! Larry should be careful what he says to “The Codger.” PAYBACK will continue, I suspect. 😛


  6. yatters says:

    According to all records available of which none are it should be noted that woolgathering is considered an art form started by the codger.


  7. fluttermatters26 says:

    “Be useful, Flutters”
    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters these be words of little respect which by coincidence remain appropriate to the vocabulary of a Hogger

    “anxious and excited—who wouldn’t be, considering”

    The Master’s training warned of being effusive when reflecting upon a situation and so methinks thinks Fluttermatters that it it should be clarified that these words are often uttered in loud but whispered tones by sexes opposite as their awareness peaks at the site of my Elton John PINK diamond encrusted spectacles.


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