Cujo, eh?


He would. From what my sources tell me, they are still looking for locals to help with the takeover,” Hiram, Jr. had been doing some digging, “Not the least of which, the boss of the operation has been replaced—replaced by a very ruthless fellow out of New Orleans, Phillip Bigg. Sheriff McCoy has told me that Bigg is not to be underestimated.”

We need to get some of our people undercover,” Kiwi was thinking out loud, and find a way to shut down that casino in Moosehead City.”

Oh—there IS a way, and I’m embarrassed not to have thought of it sooner!” Hiram exclaimed.

Season 8—Chapter 3—The New Cartel—Episode 1:

Continuing our story—at Silverthorn’s Café—a Family Meeting… “How, Pop?” Hiram Junior knew how things were in Moosehead City, with the mayor suspected of being bribed by the cartel, but so far not enough evidence had been found.

The Eagle Point Ojibwe have not approved the casino, and since we own all the land in Moosehead County, the council may evict them, so to speak, under what we would call today an inappropriate use of our land. There is a clause in our treaty that allows us to do this.”

Silverthorn Family Meeting

“Pop, I know that treaty very well—after all I teach it…”

Pop, I know that treaty very well—after all I teach it,” Sam interjected, “There is no such clause.”

There will be by the time you go look it up.”

A few minutes later—at the Cooper home… Jay Cooper had just returned from running some errands and Sarah, taking a break from quilting, met him in front of the house, “Nice cap, Jay, Did you stop by Andersons’ Gifts?”

Oh…um…I can’t tell you,” He said as he pulled the kepi from his head.

Jay & Sarah at the Cooper home

“Jay Cooper we don’t keep secrets from each other—fess-up!”

Jay Cooper we don’t keep secrets from each other—fess-up!”




That’s my answer—Cujo?”

That’s all I can tell you for now.”

When?” It dawned on Sarah what had happened. Jay and she had few secrets—birthday and Christmas gifts, for example—so there could only be one other reason, “Hmmmm—Cujo, eh?”

To be Continued…

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10 Responses to Cujo, eh?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Love Cujo…now what is he up to? That is a cool picture of Sarah and Jay love it 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Daisy refers to Cujo (1989-2002) as her “big sister,” just sayin’. Maybe there’s an adventure about to begin? 😛


    • Daisy Boardman says:

      I missed meeting the REAL Cujo by 3 years (21 dog years), but I get to see my big sister here in cyberspace. ARROOO!!!


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    NOW things are beginning to happen! 😀


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m late today! And funny, Jay is home and was reading over my shoulder. He asked, “What am I wearing?” 😀


  4. You sure do have Sarah’s eyes here! Your art work Jack is sooo good!


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