Captain Cooper in command


You have some explaining to do, Miss Cujo!”

Hi Sarah. I expect you want to know what’s happening…”

Ya think?”

There is a job he must do in the past.”

Doing what, exactly?”

Changing history.”

Changing history? What can Jay do by himself?”

He’s not alone. I wouldn’t do that,” Cujo smiled, “He’s safe and in good company with Pepper, Daisy, Alpha-Boomer and Larry.”

Changing history? And if they don’t?”

The Port of Danger Bay won’t exist.”

On a bluff in 1862… Captain Jay Cooper…

…Was “introduced” to his new command…

Season 8—Chapter 3—The New Cartel—Episode 3:

Overlooking the road from Duluth to Eagle Point

“Captain” Jay Cooper, “Lieutenant” J. Boomer, “Sergeant-Major” L. Yatters, “Cavalry-Canine-Scouts” Pepper & Daisy

Overlooking the road from Duluth to Eagle Point… “Captain” Jay Cooper, “Lieutenant” J. Boomer, “Sergeant-Major” L. Yatters, “Cavalry-Canine-Scouts” Pepper & Daisy were introduced to the 4th Company, Minnesota Light Cavalry (Later Brackett’s Battalion) by Cujo. Amazingly enough—they were still in living color—that would soon change.

Look at all those pretty horse-soldiers,” Larry observed, “Hey wait…. they’re in color!”

That’s so you can see your ‘pretty’ uniforms, human-Larry,” Cujo smiled, “Don’t get used to it. Alpha-Jack, what do you know about Indian-affairs in the early 1860s?”

I know a little about the Dakota War of 1862, also known as the Sioux Uprising, I also know how Governor Alexander Ramsey treated the Native Americans, he ordered the hanging of 38 Dakotah—the largest mass execution in Minnesota history. He said, September 9, 1862: ‘The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state’.”

Seige of New Ulm Minn What you don’t know are the orders issued to the commander of that cavalry company, right?”

I don’t know of any northern operation, Ramsey was fixated on the Dakotah.”

You couldn’t know. There’s been a hiccup in the space-time continuum that I only recently became aware of. Those soldiers are heading to Eagle Point to force a new treaty on the Ojibwe—or to make war.”

What happened?”

This history’s Ramsey has decided to drive the Ojibwe into Canada, just as he drove the Dakotah out in the 1860s. The troopers you see were never raised in the old past—but there they are—marching on Eagle Point.”

Why are we wearing these pretty uniforms?”

Captain Cooper will be taking command of those troopers.”


To be Continued…

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17 Responses to Captain Cooper in command

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    FIRST!!! Jay looks good in uniform…too bad about the other two. 😛


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Spine tingling stuff! I am surprised Buttons did not pitch a fit and demand she get to go too. Cool photo’s as usual you just keep getting better and better.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Cujo made the choice of who would go. Pepper & Daisy are the two oldest canine-buddies in cyberspace, and their humans are the ones going into danger. 😉 I have it on good authority (Cujo, herself) that Buttons wanted to go, but was convinced to stick around and help you.


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    Oh LOOK! PepperCooper and me have cool kepis, too!!! AR-ROOO!!!


  4. tsk tsk running Indians out of their own land..!!!


  5. I’m not exactly sure where I am… but I’m thinking the canines need bandanas to go with their kepis.


  6. yatters says:

    Had to check my speakers. Seems there were a lot of whistles directed at the guy on the “right” side of the picture. Who are those girls in the bushes.


  7. Sarah Cooper says:

    Those are beautiful uniforms, and I love all the background detail! Wow!


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