Back to the 21st Century


Very well, Sergeant, have Lieutenant Boomer join us,” Cooper looked off to their right, “Have have him meet us in that clearing.”

The column was ordered to halt and the troopers dismounted take a well-earned break, Master Sergeant Yatters, Canine Scout Daisy, Ojibwe Scout Black Crow, Captain Cooper, Canine Scout Pepper and 1st Lieutenant Boomer met in the clearing.

Black Crow wasted little time with niceties, “Grey Cloud has heard about the Dakotah and is preparing for war.”

Season 8—Chapter 3—The New Cartel—Episode 5:

Meanwhile—back in the 21st Century—in Moosehead City… Phillip Biggs was not a happy man. He called in his go-to guy from Chi-Town, Phineas “Fin” Jones, known for picking reliable employees—AND ensuring the remained “reliable.” Jones brought two new hires with him and asked them to be unobtrusive over by the window while he spoke with Mr. Biggs, “Those two come highly recommended, both I heard about before I flew out of O’Hare this morning.”

Phillip Biggs was not a happy man

“Those two come highly recommended, both I heard about before I flew out of O’Hare this morning.”

You have interviewed them?”

I had my operatives work up a dossier on both. I know how you like to be a part of the hiring process, Phil.”

Yes, you know me well, Fin. First, though, there are a couple I things I need to cover with you privately,” Biggs turned to the recruits, “Gentlemen, make yourselves comfortable, Mr. Jones and I will be back soon.”

When they left, the bigger of the two glanced at his watch and then glanced at the smaller. The smaller fellow gave just a hint of a smile and turned to look out the window. Neither spoke. They pretty-much looked like people who don’t know each other in any waiting room, sitting, pacing, punctuated with the occasional yawn.

They were being watched, and satisfying the watchers, apparently, as a few minutes later Biggs & Jones returned, “Mr. Jones will give you your assignments.”

And with that, the meeting ended.

About the same time—somewhere near Lullaby Creek… “Where did Mac, Boomer & Daisy disappear to?”

Collie & Randy near Lullaby Creek

“Where did Mac, Boomer & Daisy disappear to?”

I don’t know, Collie, one minute they were bantering—as always; the next, they vanished.”

CUJO! Get your sorry Beagamute butt here—NOW!

To be Continued…

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8 Responses to Back to the 21st Century

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    FIRST? Hey! That’s cyber-me wearing that fancy suit standing by the window! 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Intriguing strategy I hope it works as these are mean nasty guys!


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    I don’t think I like those two humans in front of the desk…AR-ROOO!!!


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    I trust Daisy’s judgment.


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