Mr. Biggs, you really don’t need to know that,” Mac replied, “You do, however, need to replace him.”

Biggs didn’t pursue the matter—what he didn’t know he couldn’t answer for in court—if it ever came to that. I suppose, GENTLE READER, you may be wondering what Mac did just about now—right? Lets just say the man left town, then the county, and within hours, the state. He would eventually end up in Reno, Nevada, attempt the same scam, and end up never being heard from again.

Meanwhile—back in 1862 near the Ojibwe Village on Eagle Point… Captain Cooper and his men prepared to parley as they came within sight of the village.

Season 8—Chapter 3—The New Cartel—Episode 8:

Continuingback in 1862 near the Ojibwe Village… Soon Mingan, (translates to “Gray Wolf” who, as you may suspect, GENTLE READER, is the Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of Hiram Silverthorn) approached Captain Cooper, “Why have you left behind your warriors?”

They are unnecessary for our parley.”

They cannot help you.”

Grey Wolf and his Council of Elders

“We came to parley and not make war.”

We came to parley and not make war.”

Our agent, Silverthorn, and the Dakotah, warned us you may come to do battle as your Governor Ramsey is doing agains the Dakotah.”

He will be remembered for what he does. We will be remembered for what we do this day.”

You will be punished.”

Yes, but the Governor will not attempt to change what we do here today.”

Let us parley.”

Captain Cooper and Chief Grey Wolf went off together, alone, without attendents, but with the goverment-assigned Indian Agent, James Hiram Silverthorn and agreed on the new treaty with no serious issues to debate.

Eighteen year old Kuckunniwi (Little Wolf) remained with Lt. Boomer and Master Sergeant Yatters asking many questions. There was one question he asked that caught Yatters’ attention, “What do you think of this Silverthorn?”

Larry paused for a moment, formulating an answer, “I believe he will be remembered as an enlightened man and as an Indian agent, a man who treated the Ojibwe with deep respect and honor.”

Thank you, I believe you are right,” Little Wolf replied. In ten years or so, upon the death of James Hiram Silverthorn, he would take the Silverthorn name for his English surname, he would call himself Little Wolf James Silverthorn.

To be Continued…

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7 Responses to Parley

  1. yatters says:

    it’s almost as if I knew what the future will be 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Love that the treaty got changed, that was a clever way to get rid of the bad guys…however I still think Sarah and I would have been good undercover!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Changing history for the better! 😀


  4. Sweet Woman says:

    I like that word Parley 🙂


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