Boatloads of Trouble!


So, the cartel is done?”

No, Boomer. We knew they’d just move into either Cook or St. Louis County, and try to set-up there, but that would be difficult as Minnesota only allows Native Americans to run casinos. This is due in part, to the very actions of Governor Ramsey—the state is unwilling to renege on yet another treaty. However, Minnesota treaties do not extend out on Lake Superior beyond two miles1 so we expect Biggs to move out onto the lake.”

So what is the plan?”

Season 8—Chapter 3—The New Cartel—Episode 12:

Continuing our story at Silverthorn’s Café… “Cujo sent Randy Kidd to Duluth arriving a month ago (utilizing time travel) where he took a job at the Big Bear Casino in Carlton, where he was fired for cheating customers—they don’t tolerate that sort of thing at all!”


He was hired to work on a new floating-casino aboard a converted lake freighter. It was originally converted for use as a passenger boat, but the owners went bankrupt and Biggs snapped it up—paying twice what it’s worth.”

And it’s on it’s way here now?” Carl asked, “What’s the plan?”

A reunion at Silverthorn's Café

“And it’s on it’s way here now?” Carl asked, “What’s the plan?”

I’m glad you asked. Cob Pettigrew is a Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard Reserve, and asked for their assistance—they were unable to assist, as they are already overextended by rescue operations off the north coast of Wisconsin. Instead, they suggested he establish a Coast Guard Auxiliary here. He has reequipped four rescue boats, two as armed patrol boats and two as special-operations boats. The patrol boats are crewed by ex-military people—all with combat experience, and the special-ops boats by local medical & law enforcement folks. Captain Halloran has had the MV Sparrow fitted with a rapid-fire 20mm cannon on the bow, and Susie Blackmon, Marshals Hickok & Earp have volunteered to serve as crew.”

Special Operations boats crewed and ready

Special Operations boats crewed and ready

Do you expect to have to fire on that gambling boat? That seems a little excessive,” Sarah asked—the idea of firing at a boatload of gambling tourists did not sit well with her.

MV Sparrow armed and ready

MV Sparrow armed and ready

They’ve been authorized to fire on the boat’s rudder to disable the boat—and only if necessary.”

What will trigger stopping and boarding the boat?” Boomer asked, “What statute or law will give us that authority?”

Federal laws against rigged gaming for one thing—but we just learned from the FBI that Biggs has been linked to forced underage prostitution.”

To be Continued…

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14 Responses to Boatloads of Trouble!

  1. Oh my!! Did I read correctly? Hickok and Earp are equipped with big rapid-fire cannons… or do I need more coffee??


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Firing even on the rudder seems scary!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Way to take on controversial subjects! Can you imagine being a child and forced into that kind of life? How many does that happen to and they never get helped 😦


    • Jack Boardman says:

      I CAN’T really imagine it—I know it exists. We won’t be going into this very deeply, other than to imply arrests were made—we just don’t have the band-width to tackle that subject as deeply as I’d like to. 😐


  4. lhalvor says:

    Excessive? Hmmm.


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    NOW, we’re getting down to business! 😀


  6. Ohh I want to ride along!!


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