And then it happened


Do you expect to have to fire on that gambling boat? That seems a little excessive,” Sarah asked—the idea of firing at a boatload of gambling tourists did not sit well with her.

They’ve been authorized to fire on the boat’s rudder to disable the boat—and only if necessary.”

What will trigger stopping and boarding the boat?” Boomer asked, “What statute or law will give us that authority?”

Federal laws against rigged gaming for one thing—but we just learned from the FBI that Biggs has been linked to forced underage prostitution.”

Season 8—Chapter 4—Fighting Back—Episode 1:

Beginning Chapter 4 & continuing our story at Silverthorn’s Café…

Wow!” Sarah exclaimed, “Any word on that from Kidd?”

Yes, he’s pretty sure it’s going on,” Kiwi replied, “He isn’t a hundred percent certain, but he’s seen some very young looking girls mingling with the more well-heeled men, men without wives, among the guests. He has not been approached so far.”

The Casino Boat departed Grand Marais

Meanwhile—the floating casino left Grand Marais after picking up more suckers—er—CUSTOMERS

Meanwhile—the floating casino left Grand Marais after picking up more suckers—er—CUSTOMERS… And set a course for the waters precisely 12 miles off the Port of Danger Bay, believing they would be safe from tribal interference. In THAT they were correct—but not safe from the U. S. Coast Guard.

In the “Blackjack Cabin” of the small Casino Boat, Phillip Biggs was giving final instructions before the casino opened to 50 or so gambling (and possibly other—um—activities) fans, “Remember to let them win today, in fact, make sure they win, We’ll call this an ‘investment.’ towards tomorrow. Keep your eyes open for big-spending men—you know the kind—big talking, bill flashing, loudmouth men. And if asked about special favors, yuh know, SPECIAL favors, send them to me.”

Biggs gives instructions aboard the Casino Boat

Biggs gives instructions aboard the Casino Boat

As the day wore on, preparations were being made on the boat and in Danger Bay…

Captain Molly Halloran ordered the MV Sparrow to depart the harbor and set a course north east out on to the lake, and Lyle “Cob” Pettigrew ordered his two patrol boats out on the lake to the southwest and maintain a course no more than a half-mile offshore. In addition, several fishing trawlers left port to various points out from the bay, ostensibly fishing and in spite of the advice of Cap Sezavich, to get in the way should the casino boat attempt to escape. A dangerous ploy, but the various captains could not be dissuaded—they wanted a piece of this.

Resigned to their decision, Sezavich ordered his crew aboard the big trawler MV Maryland & Virginia and departed port to ride-herd on his fellow fishermen.

At then it happened… Randy Kidd had proof!

To be Continued…

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13 Responses to And then it happened

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Proof! Wait, what proof?!


  2. 100% proof! That will get you some special favors. Wheeeeeee.


  3. lhalvor says:

    Your stories are getting “darker”!


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    Ugh! I knew I didn’t like Biggs.


  5. fluttermatters26 says:

    “very young looking girls mingling with the more well-heeled men”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that gambling will be consider a ‘MINOR’ offense.


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    OH MY!!


  7. Wow lots going on here this week..dang .I have missed the boat for sure!!


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