Name the Mounties

Update—March 8 2013—the following characters have been named…

North West Mounted Police Detachment naming

North West Mounted Police Detachment naming

It’s no great secret the the cast & crew will soon be visiting Frontier Canada—and that being the case, we simply can’t visit without running into the North-West Mounted Police (founded in 1873 by Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald).

The uniform depicted is perhaps the most familar—but is a bit

1873 NW Mounted Police Uniform

1873 NW Mounted Police Uniform

inaccurate for our time period, the trim was different and they were issued helmets and a rather useless “forage” cap lacking a brim—both were quite unpopular.

They quickly & unofficially adopted the soft felt western hat, though quite unofficial, was commonly worn from the earliest days—that is the hat with which we are most familiar—and our Constables are so-equipped.

The following Mounties need to be named:

Constables (3) All are a bit of a caricature: square-jawed, cleffed-chinned, and relatively heroic-looking. One of them, Constable 3, is a little more so—he is our “Dudley Do-Right,” not the brightest brain—but always tries to do the right thing.

Constable 1.

Constable 1

Constable 1

Constable 2.

Constable 2

Constable 2

Constable 3.

Constable 3

Constable 3

Leaders, one Corporal, two Sergeants—the first is the man in charge of the detachment; the second sergeant—looks an awful lot like one of our characters.







Sergeant 2.

Sergeant 2

Sergeant 2

Please make a name suggestion for each and once we have several suggestions we will have a reader-vote to determine their official names.

Feel free to tell us a little about each Mountie—personality, quirks, interests, or whatever floats yer boat.

Thanks and have some fun with this!


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12 Responses to Name the Mounties

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I think I’ve been watching too much Walking Dead. I’m seeing a Rick, Daryl and Hershel. Maybe a little too much Justified, too. Could be there’s a Raylan, Boyd and Arlo.


  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    Constables: Fido McDogbreath, Rex Retriever, Rover Allover, Corporal Fluffy Furball, Sergeant Springer O’Spaniel, Sergeant 2? Oh…I’m so going to leave that one alone! AR-ROOOOO!!!


  3. yatters says:

    How could anyone not recognize the second sergent. It be none other that Sergeant C. Thomas Conners – someone who friends and those who have pissed him off call him as ‘STOMPIN TOM’.
    Stompin Tom never knew his parents. What is known is that he was born large on the wrong side of the tracks in the rough part of an eastern Canadian town on the Isle of Prince Edward. After running away from a brutal and questionable childhood it is claimed that he started out his early years as a lumber jack. Some claim that if you were out in the bush and and a mile away you could him sing to the beat of his axe chopping its way through a tree. Treasured songs that now live in Canadian Folk lore and the cyberspace of this story.

    Stories tell of a time when not chopping trees he came to town and found himself 5 cents short of the price of a beer. It is said that the bar-keep offered him the beer if he would sing a couple of tunes. A true Canadian in search of a thirst quencher he did just that and ended up leaving his career as a lumberjack to take up singing in bars for a living and it should be noted a lot of Canadian Molson beer.

    Turns out that he was quite adept at writing songs about the goings on in Canada. He wrote and sang about Maple Trees, Wheat Fields Blowin in the Wind, Tomatoes and a Canadian must see adventure known as the Reversing Falls.

    A true patriot, Stompin Tom always called Canadian folks who moved to the US ‘jumpers’ – he wasn’t much fond of them types.

    As regaled, it was on a late night in a unknown bar just outside Miami, Manitoba, where Stompin Tom (I can call him that because we are friends and co-workers) met a young, vivacious and suitably buxom woman named Suzie who it turns out, was bad company. As stories go, Ms. Suzie was from islands south and east of the western crystal blue mountains of British Columbia that approximate the mid Pacific which someone says is an ocean of salty water with whales. As luck would have it she ended up in Canada having been shunted off a tramp steamer passing by Vancouver. Claims were made that she was a trick horse rider from an island hopping Australian carnival.

    Six degrees of separation and her predilection for Molson’s barley beer melded into circumstance when she heard the foot stompin turnes of Stompin Tom. It was this combination the story goes, that would cause Ms. Suzie to feel obligated to perform her best trick. A trick best described as standing naked atop a horse which was paraded through the bar during which she would shout aloud the words ‘Whoo Hoo” in perfect rythym with Stompin Tom’s stomp. Needless to say, Stompin Tom’s Maple Leaf tune and Ms. Suzie’s tricky talents though endearing to those who were witness, were soon on the menu for the local constabulary – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, proud and honored members which you see here.

    The Mountie who checked in on the fuss at the bar included this in his report. While there he describes the event as a moment of good fortune for Mr. Conners. There was according to him an intervention by young Master Sergent Murphy Yatkov – shown in the fourth photo, who is noted as being a good Canadian, a stalwart Ukrainian prairie boy of mixed Irish decent raised on pure white milk, hand churned butter, hard work and the uncanny patriotic love of Stompin Tom’s tunes. The report concluded that Sergent Yatko quickly grasped that Mr. Conners was ill equipped to contend with the powers of Ms. Suzie’s one pony trick dazzling as that trick might be Sergent Yatkov offered Mr. Conners a firm and righteous hand gently persuading Stompin Tom to forgo the misguided ways of drink and sirens calls. As he glanced upon the gyrations of Ms. Suzie it became clear to Mr. Conner’s that continuance of this life style would bring trouble to his horizon.

    Mr. Conners joined the officer training camp in Regina. Meeting the requirements he graduated as Sergent. He was reborn as the Canadian Mountie whom you see standing proudly in his red tunic. 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      This may be the LONGEST comment in the entire history of this blog’s six-year history, With this background information it is clear that Sergeant 1 shall be forever known in these chronicles as Sergeant Stompin’ Tom Connors. And Sergeant 2 shall be known as Murphy Yatkov. 😀


  4. yatters says:


    Never forget – Mounties always get their man!
    With men on the force like Sergeant Stompin Tom and Master Sergeant Murphy Yatkov it is assured 🙂


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    Hey! You added Mounties! Good! I’ll work on some names. 😀


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    Corporal…..Alain Fournier
    Constable 1 Alexandre Chevalier
    Constable 2 Abel Broussard
    Constable 3 Benjamin Petit


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