As the work on the station progressed she decided to search for a couple of wood-burning locomotives and some passenger cars. She found two such locomotives in Fort Morgan, Colorado. They were in poor shape after years of neglect in an old roundhouse—but they were nearly identical, and as a bonus, there were two passenger cars, one a mail car, in near-perfect condition.

She began negotiations to purchase the locomotives and passenger cars, and to her surprise, Fort Collins told her she could have them, but must hurry, as they were about to tear the roundhouse down for a shopping center.

She had a month to collect them before they’d be scrapped.

She couldn’t possibly meet that deadline. There was just too much to arrange.

Season 8—Chapter 4—Fighting Back—Episode 8:

Continuing our story—at the Danger Bay Railroad Museum… Professor Catherine Uxbridge Jones-Oliver, from her office in the museum, made a few phone calls to some of her friends in the historical society community, and made a few things happen—the developers of the shopping center’s rush to destroy the old, historic roundhouse was stopped cold by a lawsuit brought by the Eastern Colorado Historic Preservationist Coalition—it seems they forgot (or…conveniently ignored) that under the laws of the State of Colorado they must first apply for permission to raze any historic structure, something they failed to do.

Danger Bay Railroad Museum

The Danger Bay Railroad Museum

Moreover, Locomotive Restoration Association of Denver, Colorado (LRADC), having already approached the town of Fort Morgan with a better offer for the old roundhouse and its contents—and failing—joined the lawsuit. Professor Jones-Oliver after learning this, contacted them as well—and became their first customer. She would finance the restoration purchase of both locomotives and the passenger cars. In addition, she requested the construction of four additional rail cars. The LRADC was delighted as the profits from this order would be sufficient to restore the roundhouse as their working museum.

The LRADC mechanics & technicians were a little perplexed when Jones-Oliver instucted them not to install new boiler equipment, but instead install a rather strange-looking assembly inside the old boiler casing and another device in the tender (under the now much smaller water tank and wood storage part of the tender). The two devices would generate the steam to power the locomotives.

To understand this, GENTLE READER, you must note the first initial of each of Catherine Uxbridge Jones-Oliver’s name—the devices installed came from the year 2030.

To be Continued...

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14 Responses to The LRADC

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Whoa! First again? I’ve figured out WHO Professor Uxbridge-Oliver really is…clever, Boomer, clever! 😀


  2. Sweet Woman says:

    yes..quite the clever dude you ARE!!


  3. Waving a clue flag. I’m here to see the art. 😉


  4. yatters says:

    Dog Degrees. No doubt we will soon be seeing an honorary Bachelor of Bark hung on a wall.


  5. Jack Boardman says:

    “… honorary Bachelor of Bark…”

    You MAY be on to something. 😛


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    I need clues as I am lost in the dark and I do not know what you are talking about? WHOM?


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