Meanwhile—on the single RR track running from the main line to Danger Bay… “Wow KC, we’re well ahead of schedule—who knew how much more power this locomotive had?”

Professor Uxbridge Jones-Oliver did I’m sure. We may be too far ahead of schedule. Larry was due to take the new train out this morning and we didn’t see tham pass on the main line.”

We’ll get to the double track before they leave—guarenteed!”

And—back outside the Danger Bay Railroad Museum… Locomotive 01 had begun the “vacation run” and pulled out of the station 15 minutes ahead of schedule…

Season 8—Chapter 4—Fighting Back—Episode 10:

Before getting back to our story—the “Vacation” Train…We interrupt our story, GENTLE READER, to introduce you to the main set for our next adventure…

The “Vacation” Train cars were custom-built to Professor Catherine Uxbridge Jones-Oliver (by now you should know who she REALLY is—Right?) and consists of four cars…

The Parlor Car is where most of the story will be told as we travel across Canada.

Vacation Train Cars

Vacation Train Cars

Two cars dedicated to sleeping quarters, and ‘though you might not realize it, they are fully-equipped to provide all the 21st Century comforts—showers—flush toilets—electric lights—all cleverly hidden from any 19th Century prying eyes.

And—not wanting to leave our sentient horses behind—we have a rather opulent Stable Car—with everything a refined horse or mule could want. These critters will be traveling in style!

We rejoin the Vacation Train—building speed… They were about five miles out from the Danger Bay Railroad Museum-Depot and had about five miles to go before reaching the double tracks of the main railroad line just north of Moosehead City.

It remains double track for about five miles out where the line splits into a north and west track, the north track cuts across northern Minnesota and crosses into Canada.

A mile before the double track intersection there is a long trestle joining the bluffs on either side of a deep valley between them and as they rounded the bend onto the trestle, “SQUAWK!!!

They rounded the bend onto the long trestle

They rounded the bend onto the long trestle

YIKES!” Hogger Larry exclaimed as he jammed the throttle to full-stop and engaged the brakes, “Fly Flutters—we’re not gonna…”

KC! LOOK!” K. C. Jones just had time to look up…

To be Continued...

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