Moosehead City!


YIKES!” Hogger Larry exclaimed as he jammed the throttle to full-stop and engaged the brakes, “Fly Flutters—we’re not gonna…”

They rounded the bend onto the long trestle

“KC! LOOK!” K. C. Jones just had time to look up…

KC! LOOK!” K. C. Jones just had time to look up…

Season 8—Chapter 4—Fighting Back—Episode 11:

On the long trestle—seconds later… When nothing happened, the “Larrys” opened their eyes just as Loco 01 was approaching the end of the trestle—there had been no collision and the train coming to a stop, “We’re still here.”

The other train disappeared

“We’re still here.”

We are Flutters—we are—but how?” Hogger Larry replied (“Hogger” is a Canadian term for “engineer”). It was then he noticed Flutters’ helmet & goggles had disappeared, “We’ve gone back in time and Loco 02 remained in the 21st Century! THAT’S WHY WE DIDN’T COLLIDE!

Are you sure? We’re still in color.”

We’ll know for certain when we get to Moosehead City.”

Neither Larry noticed that when they reached the main rail line, there was no siding track—just the single track—perfectly understandable considering what they’d just experienced. Oddly, no one in the Parlor car took much notice, at least not after they recovered from the train’s sudden stop. Big Mac attempted to contact Larry up front in the locomotive and discovered his phone didn’t work, “It appears, folks, this is no longer a ‘Vacation Train,’ I think we’re on an adventure.”

But, we’re still in color.”

That should change soon, Susan, it always does.”

Mac was wrong, ‘though he didn’t know it yet.

Moosehead City—1875… Larry began to slow the train as they drew closer to Moosehead City, and he could see his surmise was correct—clearly, they should have been in the suburbs by now. As the train rounded a slight curve there it was; Moosehead City just as he remembered it from when he was a deputy US Marshal assigned to the town in 1873.

The Adventure Train arrived in Moosehead City

Moosehead City just as he remembered it

The tracks appeared newly-laid right down the main street, and there was no depot, just a platform for loading & unloading passengers. He also recognized the town marshal who was walking towards the train, “How do Marshal Vance.”

You quit marshalling, Larry? Or—were you fired?”

I found something safer to do, at least I think it’s safer.”

Things have changed some here in the past two years, heck even Ma Simpson has settled down a bit. What about them other marshals, how they doin’?”

All retired or moved on to other things.”

You’re our very first train, you takin’ passengers?”

Naw, we’re doin’ a test run all the way through to Vancouver in British Columbia.”

They got tracks up there?”

I hope so. We best be on our way—schedule to keep.” And with that Larry started the train down the track to—an undisclosed adventure!

To be Continued...

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10 Responses to Moosehead City!

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    I SHOULD have figured that as your way out of the impending collision; clever. But still in color? 😉


  2. Trains, boats, planes, dreams, Airstreams, horses….. etc. Not only do I not know where I am going, I have no clue how ‘we’ will get there!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      No Airstreams, or airplanes, but maybe boats, and since we brought them…horses…this “adventure,” and we’ll get there by train. 🙂


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow that was close and I am sure glad we are still in color! I am up for a new adventure!


  4. yatters says:

    yup us Canadian Hoggers know how to control our throttles. Makes the adventure all the more exciting. Something for Ms. Susie to look forward to. 🙂


  5. Sweet Woman says:

    Mighty fine art Jack!


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