Stunned silence in the café [21st Century]


Things have changed some here in the past two years, heck even Ma Simpson has settled down a bit. What about them other marshals, how they doin’?”

All retired or moved on to other things.”

You’re our very first train, you takin’ passengers?”

Naw, we’re doin’ a test run all the way through to Vancouver in British Columbia.”

They got tracks up there?”

I hope so. We best be on our way—schedule to keep.” And with that Larry started the train down the track to—an undisclosed adventure!

Season 8—Chapter 4—Fighting Back—Episode 12—Conclusion:

Meanwhile—at the 21st Century Sheriff’s office in Moosehead City… Sheriff Todd McCoy, Reservation Police Lieutenant Hiram Silverthorn, Jr., Devil Track Township Marshal AJ Boardman, and Chief Deputy Town Marshal Douglass Cloud were meeting, and the subject—the Cartel, “As best we know the only remaining fugitives are Phillip Biggs, Phineas ‘Fin’ Jones and two others. They escaped capture by high speed cruiser which was found in an inlet north of Eagle Point.”

Meeting at the Sheriff's Office

“As best we know the only remaining fugitives are Phillip Biggs, Phineas ‘Fin’ Jones and two others…”

Where do you think they went, Sheriff?”

We think they had another boat hidden in the inlet, probably a fishing cruiser, not unlike dozens that were out on the lake at that time. We’ve put out an international BOLO on Biggs & Jones but have had no sighting reports.”

I suppose the crimes they committed are not a high priority?”

That’s right, Hiram, there are plenty of big fish to be looking for and what they’re accused of here is pretty minor by comparison.”

You think they’ll be back?”

I don’t know, AJ, but it seems unlikely—we smacked them pretty hard.”

I hear there’s a recall petition going around for Moosehead City mayor and city council because they were allegedly bribed by Biggs.”

So, for now, this is the end of the Cartel.”

For now, AJ, for now.”

About the same time—at Silverthorn’s Café “I’m thinking about running for Mayor of Moosehead City, Pop.”

Samuel Silverthorn at Silverthorn's Café

“Really? You’d have to move to the big city, Sam.”

Really? You’d have to move to the big city, Sam.”

Yes, but there is no length of residency requirement, and it’s a part-time position,” Sam smiled as he was about to drop the best news on his parents, “I’ve also been offered a position as Native Studies Professor at Moosehead City College.”

There was happy—yet stunned silence in the café

Thus ends Chapter 4, but our story?

To be Continued…In the 19th Century…On our way to Canada…

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12 Responses to Stunned silence in the café [21st Century]

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    So THAT’S why you settled a cliffhanger last Friday! It is good to finish what you started in this chapter; NOW we can get down to business in Canada. 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I hope there are tracks for our train to travel on…onward into the unknown!


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    I thought Sam was gonna work for me 🙂


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