Another “hogger?”


About the same time—at Silverthorn’s Café “I’m thinking about running for Mayor of Moosehead City, Pop.”

Really? You’d have to move to the big city, Sam.”

Yes, but there is no length of residency requirement, and it’s a part-time position,” Sam smiled as he was about to drop the best news on his parents, “I’ve also been offered a position as Native Studies Professor at Moosehead City College.”

Samuel Silverthorn at Silverthorn's Café

There was happy—yet stunned silence in the café…

There was happy—yet stunned silence in the café

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 1:

Leaving the 21st Century behind—we find Larry in Loco 01 The great Northwoods of Minnesota seemed endless as the train made its way towards the border with Canada.

The great Northwoods of Minnesota seemed endless.

The great Northwoods of Minnesota seemed endless…

Larry Yatkowsky set the controls for “maximum safe speed” and the mid 21st Century technology (thanks to Cujo) automatically adjusted the locomotive’s speed to the condition of the tracks—maintaining an average speed of 40 mph, and made his way back to the “Parlor Car”—Flutters agreed to monitor the controls.

Meanwhile—In the “Parlor Car” several of our friends discovered… “Uh-oh,” Sarah was a bit excited about the prospect of another adventure as she noticed, “We’re looking mighty Nineteenth Century…”

They gathered in the Parlor car

“We’re looking mighty Nineteenth Century…”

I see that, Sarah,” Chris looked a little skeptical, “But we’re not sepia…”

It would be great if we remain in living color,” Susan had always wanted to see the colors of the 19th Century during their last visits.

We will,” Larry replied entering the Parlor Car, “Has anyone seen Boomer?”

Probably sleeping in his quarters,” Jay replied, “Come to think of it—I haven’t seen any of the dogs since we pulled out of Danger Bay…”

I’m sure Boomer will be pleased to be included with the canines…” Larry quipped as he went out the back of the car.

Wait—I didn’t mean to…” Jay exclaimed as he rushed to follow Larry—seconds later Jay returned, “Larry disappeared!”

Meanwhile—in an heretofor undisclosed location… “Nice outfit Boomer, but you’re not dressed quite right…”

Daisy, Larry & Boomer in Boomer's cabin

“Nice outfit Boomer, but you’re not dressed quite right…”

What’s the matter with my outfit? Cujo herself helped me pick it out.”

It’s not what a ‘hogger’ wears.”

I’m not a hogger, Larry.”

Cujo also designed another outfit for you.”

Oh really?”

Yes,” Larry smiled, “Okay, Cujo—NOW would be good.”

WELL—GENTLE READER—It appears Cujo did create another outfit for Boomer…

Introducing “Assistant-Hogger Boomer!”

Daisy, Larry & Boomer in Boomer's cabin Part 2

Introducing “Assistant-Hogger Boomer!”

Now—as for the “heretofor undiscosed location…

To be Continued...

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10 Responses to Another “hogger?”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Hooo-BOY! The thought of this train being run by Larry & Boomer… 😦


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Full color past times?! Whoo!! Love the fancy new duds, too!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I like the new duds too. Sarah and I are dressed for battle…but nothing can go wrong…:) Oh wait it already did…lol 🙂


  4. Well, hogger ruins all my fun.


  5. Sweet Woman says: the overalls !


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