Some of you may not return


Meanwhile—near East Grand Forks, Minnesota… Inspector Robert Erik MacIntyre of the Canadian North-West Mounted Police was on a mission to recruit help for a planned operation in Western Canada—American help—and along with his small headquarters contingent was now stranded.

It seems that while they were having breakfast in town, their railroad field-office car had been disconnected from the train and left on the rail siding, “Well lads, it appears the railroad pirate René LaFitte has done it again!”

So it appears, Robbie m’lad,” Master Sergeant Murphy Yatkov said quietly, so only the inspector could hear, “I recall suggesting leaving a guard.”

That you did, Master Sergeant, that you did.”

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 3:

Continuing our story in the cab of Loco 01—Where find Boomer, Larry, Daisy & Flutters…“Well, that’s all there is to tell about operating Loco 01.”

It seems pretty easy. The hard part, Larry, is pretending we need wood & water in the amounts a real wood-burner requires.”

In the cab of Loco 01

“It seems pretty easy…”

The hopper only looks like it’s full, and we use what we have for creating the smoke; Cujo has set it up to auto-fill the boiler with wood, and feed water so we can have wood and water added periodically.”

At the same time—near East Grand Forks, Minnesota… “Well, then, Inspector, it must be time for tea.”

Nay—rum, Master Sergeant, rum.”

Rum it is, then, Robbie.”

East Grand Forks RR Siding

“Ye’ll not be tellin’ the lads, Murph, now will ye?”

Ye’ll not be tellin’ the lads, Murph, now will ye?”

To what end? We’ll just buy ’em a round.”

Aye, that we will.”

As they passed by the station, the yard master called out, “There’s a train a’comin,’ they’re heading fer Canada.”

Could ye have them stop here?”

I could, Inspector. They’ll be arriving in three hours.”

Please have them stop, m’lad—we’d be most grateful.”

About the same time—aboard the “Adventure Train”…

Is that a computer?” Jay asked—a bit surprised by this turn of events, as was everyone else.

They inspected the private cabin interior

“It sure looks like one—or a television.”

It sure looks like one—or a television,” Chris added.

It is both,” a doggish voice chimed-in. It was Cujo smiling her trademark crooked grin, “What you have to do here is dangerous and some of you may not return—the least I could do is provide modern comforts.”

NOT RETURN?” Sarah asked what all were thinking.

Some things I cannot control. If anyone wants out, now is the time. You may leave without shame or consequence.”

To be Continued...

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11 Responses to Some of you may not return

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    No one will be leaving I am sure!!


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Hey! You said nothing in the last production meeting about somebody not returning. Call me TODAY!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    NOT RETURN?! Is this some kind of contract negotiation strategy?


  4. Hmmmm. Just cuz you put your socks in the oven don’t make ’em a biscuit.


  5. yatters says:

    Some of you may not return because Canada will capture your heart and soul. Aside from that – all that clean air, healthy living and Perogies makes us boys and girls are real pretty 🙂


  6. Sweet Woman says:

    Oh Jack jus trying to stir up somethin ha ha ha


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