And with that, Cujo disappeared


About the same time—aboard the “Adventure Train”…

Is that a computer?” Jay asked—a bit surprised by this turn of events, as was everyone else.

It sure looks like one—or a television,” Chris added.

It is both,” a doggish voice chimed-in. It was Cujo smiling her trademark crooked grin, “What you have to do here is dangerous and some of you may not return—the least I could do is provide modern comforts.”

NOT RETURN?” Sarah asked what all were thinking.

Some things I cannot control. If anyone wants out, now is the time. You may leave without shame or consequence.”

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 4:

Continuing our story—aboard the “Adventure Train”… They mulled that over, each in his or her own way. It really didn’t take long; it was clear that why they were in the past was important or Cujo would not have called them there, “I’m in,” Susan was the first to make the decision and the others nodded in agreement.

“What’s next?”

Cujo explained the situation

“What’s next?”

“You’ll be arriving in East Grand Forks in roughly three hours where you will be met by a contingent of the North-West Mounted Police Susie, they were stranded by the theft of their locomotive. They will ask for your help. That’s as much as I can tell you; you either agree to help them, or you don’t.” And with that, Cujo disappeared.

Meanwhile—Larry, Larry, Boomer and Daisy in Loco 01… were enjoying the ride, the locomotive operating on full-auto. Hogger Larry took this opportunity to tell what he knew of the North-West Mounted Police History “In 1873, the Canadian Government formed the North-West Mounted Police. They were to ensure peace and order in a wilderness jurisdiction that stretched from the western border of Manitoba to the Rockies and as far north as anyone dared go.”

When did they become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?”

I think around 1900 or so, when it became a national police force, no longer limited to Western Canada.”

They were more than a bit startled by the rather sudden appearance of Cujo sitting next to Flutters on the tender, “You’ll soon become acquainted with the North-West Mounted Police, they’re awaiting your arrival. You will begin an adventure from which some of you may not return.”

Cujo near the tender of Loco 01

You will begin an adventure from which some of you may not return.”

To be Continued...

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14 Responses to And with that, Cujo disappeared

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    NOW the adventure REALLY begins! 😀


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I feel like we all just turned a page together. 🙂


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Bring those pages on….its all for one and one for all!!! The adventure is what it is all about!


  4. fluttermatters26 says:

    The Master sent along a telegraph note – something that has yet to appear in the story line, to remind us Methinks thinks Fluttermatters who although he is not quite sure that is was from the Master suspects that it could also be a residual apparition from the 21st century that guns and all firearms by nature (a Canadian thing) are usually frowned upon.

    Discourse and understanding followed by a mutually beneficial action which if one were to think about that for too long could be mistaken as preamble to a cheap date in a frontier bar. Regardless of such options this approach seems to be the order of the day and has nothing to do with Moose.


    • Daisy Boardman says:

      Leave it to you to throw a monkey-wrench into the story-line, bird-butt! AR-ROOO!!!!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      I strongly suspect that Canadian frontier folk were armed,’s not as though they could go down to the corner mini-mart and pick up a few steaks.In fact in the so-called wild west firearms were not THAT common. Cowboys carried them as tools of the trade, farmers to use for hunting, etc. The wild west is mostly a product of the dime novelists, and b-movies. Sorry feather-brain, there’s even a more compelling reason for our folks to be armed…I’m not redrawing them. As for you? I have an eraser. 😦


  5. Jack Boardman says:

    Checked-out modern Canada & firearms:
    In Canada firearms fall into one of three categories:

    1. Non-Restricted: Long guns with an overall length greater than 26 inches and, if semi-automatic, a barrel which is 18 1/2 inches or longer. These can be possessed with an ordinary PAL, and are the only class of firearms which can be used for hunting, due to the ATT (Authorization to Transport) requirement for Restricted and Prohibited weapons, as well as provincial regulations. This class includes most popular sporting rifles and shotguns.

    2. Restricted: This includes handguns with barrel lengths greater than 4.1 inches (105mm), and long guns which do not meet the length requirements for non-restricted, and are not prohibited. These guns require ATTs, and as such can only be shot at ranges. These arms can be possessed with an RPAL, which is similar to the PAL course, but covers restricted weapons and the increased storage requirements. One must pass the CFSC as well as the RCFSC in order to obtain their RPAL. Examples in this class include all AR-15 variants.

    3. Prohibited: These weapons generally cannot be possessed by civilians. Normally, the only way to possess these is by being grandfathered in or inheriting a pistol with a barrel length at or under 4.1 inches (105mm), in which case the individual may receive the Class 7 endorsement. This class also includes prohibited devices. Many military arms fall under this classification, including all AK variants, and the FN-FAL. All handguns with a barrel length equal to or under 4.1 inches (105mm) are prohibited, as well as those chambered in .25 or .32 caliber cartridges, presumably to prevent the manufacture of “Saturday Night Specials”. Also prohibited are fully automatic weapons and suppressors. Magazines for automatic long guns capable of holding more than 5 centerfire cartridges or 10 rounds for handguns, are prohibited, with the exception of the M1 Garand, as well as carbines which use pistol magazines, such as the Beretta CX4 Storm.

    The rate of homicide involving firearms per 100,000 population in 2009 was 0.5 as compared with 3.3 in the United States and 7.9 in Mexico. The rate of unintentional deaths involving firearms in 2001 was 0.08 as compared with 0.27 in the United States, and with 0.47 Mexico.


  6. Sweet Woman says:

    yeahhh bring on the danger filled episode ….we are bad to the bone!!


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