“…I’m losing my ability to bend time.”


When did they become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?”

I think around 1900 or so, when it became a national police force, no longer limited to Western Canada.”

They were more than a bit startled by the rather sudden appearance of Cujo sitting next to Flutters on the tender, “You’ll soon become acquainted with the North-West Mounted Police, they’re awaiting your arrival. You will begin an adventure from which some of you may not return.”

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 5:

Continuing our story—In the cab of Loco 01… Cujo disappeared as quickly as she arrived—leaving Larry, Boomer Daisy & Flutters a bit stunned by what she said to them, “I don’t much like those ‘may not return‘ words. AR-ROOO!!!

In the cab of Loco 01

In the cab of Loco 01

I don’t either! An ominous start to this ‘Canadian Adventure,’ methinks.”

Indeed Flutters,” Boomer grimaced—agreement was something he rarely experienced when it came to Flutters’ comments, “Extremely ominous.”

You know, we could see what this locomotive can do, the track is almost straight,” Larry had been hankering to see just how powerful this locomotive really is, “Let’s just find out.”

And perhaps give more credence to Cujo’s words?”

You only live once!” Larry opened the throttle…

At the same time—in the N-W Mounted Police RR Car…

Do ye think, Murph, the yanks will help us?”

The Mounties met in the HQ Car

“Do ye think, Murph, the yanks will help us?”

I do, inspector,” Master Sergeant Murphy Yatkov replied, “Once we present our case. Americans like to stick their noses in other people’s business.”

Aye, they do indeed. But I fear they may be a bit too quick with their guns,” Inspector MacIntyre grimmaced, “And what happens if we run into First Nation lads?”

That, Robbie, is my concern as well. But we have little choice, so we must educate them to our ways.”

About the same time—in the Parlor Car… “I really don’t feel much like baking.”

That’s okay, Susan, I don’t feel much like eating,” Sarah replied, “Cujo has never before suggested…”

At about the same time in the Parlor Car

“Cujo has never before suggested…”

That one of us may not return,” Chris finishing Sarah’s thoughts, said, “We always knew we’d be called back.”

Not this time, I reckon,” Jay added, “Come to think of it, weren’t James and Wyatt just standing here?”

Susie, who had just been bantering with James Butler Hickok, turned to where Hickok had been standing, “He was, he’s not. CUJO!

Seconds later Cujo sort of materialized—she seemed not able to fully become part of 1874, “We need you completely here, Cujo,” Sarah spoke first, “We really need to talk.”

I’m sorry, it appears that I’m losing my ability to bend time.”

To be Continued...

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9 Responses to “…I’m losing my ability to bend time.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Come on Cujo knock that crap off…… LOL


  2. Jack Boardman says:

    Chris? Carl? GET A GRIP you two, poor Cujo doesn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. 😛


  3. You had me at get a grip. However, I have no idea what is coming…. next.


  4. Sweet Woman says:

    Im sure Jack or mayb even Daisy knows whats happenin..:) as usual we are in suspense!! LOL


  5. fluttermatters26 says:

    “so we must educate them to our ways”

    Poignant words Methinks thinks FlutterMatters who after consulted the Master discovered wisdom greater than the smoke billowing from a iron horse in which the Master noted a foretelling of the destructive genocidal first nations history that lies ahead. 😦


    • Jack Boardman says:

      “…the Master noted a foretelling of the destructive genocidal first nations history that lies ahead…”

      Oh. You poor delusional feather-brain. WE as a group, have NEVER ENGAGED in any “genocidal” activities against our native friends.


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