What will be, will be


Not this time, I reckon,” Jay added, “Come to think of it, weren’t James and Wyatt just standing here?”

Susie, who had just been bantering with James Butler Hickok, turned to where Hickok had been standing, “He was, he’s not. CUJO!

Seconds later Cujo sort of materialized—she seemed not able to fully become part of 1874, “We need you completely here, Cujo,” Sarah spoke first, “We really need to talk.”

I’m sorry, it appears that I’m losing my ability to bend time.”

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 6:

Continuing our story—in the Parlor Car… “What does this mean, Cujo, can you fight this?” Sarah expressed deep concern, not so much for herself and her friends, but for Cujo. She knew it could mean they were all trapped in 1874 unless Cujo regained her ability.

I don’t know for sure—I’ve never had this experience. I think I can return to the Great Beyond—I must! But unless Ringo & Karma can meet me there…”

In the Parlor Car

I must! But unless Ringo & Karma can meet me there…”

They can go there?” Chris asked, she understood that only those creatures who have died in the Real World can go to the Great Beyond.

They both once lived in the Real World People-Chris.”

It was then that Cujo began to fade away and as she did another appeared—a very confused Grey Wolf James Silverthorn! “Where am I? I was just opening Seven Tables…”

Grey Wolf arrived in the Parlor Car

“Where am I? I was just opening Seven Tables…”

Welcome to 1874,” Susie said with just a touch of irony in her voice, “Get used to that—it may be forever!”

All but Grey Wolf understood the significance of that—it would be a while for Grey Wolf…

Meanwhile—In the cab of Loco 01… “How fast?”

About 113kph” Larry almost whispered, “Or about 70mph for the metric-illiterate.”

But 19th Century tracks…”

This locomotive is running on 21st Century tracks, according to Cujo—they’d upgraded the tracks for high-speed rail travel.”

Of course! How long ’til we reach East Grand forks?”

At this speed—wait, we’re accelerating—let me check the GPS,” Larry paused to query the GPS, “We’re now traveling at 193kph/120mph. We’ll arrive in 20 minutes!”

In the cab of Loco 01

“Of course! How long ’til we reach East Grand forks?”

Boomer didn’t reply.

Ten minutes later—in the N-W Mounted Police RR Car…

Corporal Liam O’Reilly had just returned from the stationmaster’s office, “Inspector, the stationmaster informs me that according to the stationmaster at Crookston, amazingly enough, the train just passed through—it will be here in about a half hour!”

‘At is a blooody fest train, hoo can they dae thes?”

The Mounties met in the HQ Car

“’At is a blooody fest train, hoo can they dae thes?”

Sir, I have no idea—that’s what I was told.”

Ay lad, Whit will be, will be. Weel ‘en, Murphy, lit us prepaur fur uir guests.”

To be Continued...

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10 Responses to What will be, will be

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Why do I always think of Marty Robbins??? He had a song that was never a really big hit but I love called “Southern Dixie Flyer” and it came to mind when they were clocking the MPH. 🙂 Looks like we are really in for some fun this time…..BTW who is taking care of Pawz?


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    That’s a mighty-wide railroad car. We COULD hold a barn dance there! 😀


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    The idea of being stuck in 1874 makes me feel a little homesick!


  4. Love that train! I’m all for the barn dance. Lots of fun to be had if you bring in some bales of hay. Wheeeee!


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