His name is Murphy Yatkov


Goodness, Yew fellers sure do look impressive! Wouldyew like sum coffee?”

Thenk ye sheriff,” MacIntyre smiled, “Dae ye hae tea? Ah huvnae hud tea since we left Edmonton.”

Jimmy,” Yatkov whispered to his old friend, “Provincial Americans don’t drink tea, I’m told.”

The tea issue remained unresolved, and would never be resolved as Peter Johnson rushed into the office, “Sheriff! The train’s missing!

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 8:

Continuing our story—In the locomotve of the stolen NWNP train… “We’re nearing the border, Dennis,” Louis Arcand was confident, and that confidence reflected in his voice, “We did it—grabbed a Mountie train from under them.”

And at least twenty fine horses, something we need, badly.”

In the locomotve of the stolen NWNP train

“And at least twenty fine horses, something we need, badly.”

Mr. Schwarzkopf will be pleased.”

[Yes, GENTLE READER—THAT Schwarzkopf—Johann Schwarzkopf, Great-great-grandfather of Mille Schwarzkopf Gamboge. I’ve been wondering where he went after his escapades in 1873 Grand Marais.]

Meanwhile, as the Mounties ran to the train station—The “Adventure Train” arrived…

Will ye swatch (look) at ‘at, Murph, whit a magnificent train!” Inspector MacIntyre exclaimed, “Ne’er hae Ah seen sic’ a beauty!”

Adventure Train arrived at E Grand Forks

“Ne’er hae Ah seen sic’ a beauty!”

It is impressive, Jimmy,” Murphy Yatkov had “ ne’er hae seen sic’ a beauty” himself, “Now can we get these Yanks t’help us?”

We’ll nae gie them onie choice, noo will we, Murphy?”

Yatkov wasn’t sure HOW, but he was sure that Jimmy would somehow convince them to help—this might just get…interesting.

In Loco 01—Boomer brought the Adventure Train to a stop… “Hey Larry, look. There are Mounties here—and one of them looks an awful lot like you—poor fellow.”

His name is Murray Yatkov.”

Adventure Train stopped at the station

“You know this?”

You know this?”

I know this.”

Farther back in the train, Susie Blackmon was making silent note of all those men in red. However, her long experience as a law officer prevailed, “I think our vacation is over—time to put our peace officer hats back on.”

Chris & Susan grinned in anticipation, Sarah & Jay Cooper were not happy, they had been anticipating a real vacation, as were Collie & Carl McIntyre. Grey Wolf Silverthorn wondered out loud, with wry humor, “I don’t seem to have such a hat.”

I’ll lend you one of mine,” Susie deadpanned, “only slightly used.”

To be Continued...


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9 Responses to His name is Murphy Yatkov

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    WOO HOO!!! Adventure here we come 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’ll just think of it as an adventurous vacation.


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Here we go! 🙂


  4. I’m sure Susie was actually inspecting the fit of the red uniforms rather than merely making note of them! Left, right, left, right…..


  5. Sweet Woman says:

    Hi yall… 🙂 I love your train pics Jack..wow your doing so well..good to see you!


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