Stolen Train


Farther back in the train, Susie Blackmon was making silent note of all those men in red. However, her long experience as a law officer prevailed, “I think our vacation is over—time to put our peace officer hats back on.”

Chris & Susan grinned in anticipation, Sarah & Jay Cooper were not happy, they had been anticipating a real vacation, as were Collie & Carl McIntyre. Grey Wolf Silverthorn wondered out loud, with wry humor, “I don’t seem to have such a hat.”

I’ll lend you one of mine,” Susie deadpanned, “only slightly used.”

Season 8—Chapter 5—New Adventure—Episode 9:

Continuing our story—in the local saloon… Susie, Chris, Sarah, Susan, Jay, Collie & Big Mac met with Master Sergeant Murphy Yatkov (who I STILL say bears a striking resemblance to Larry) Corporal Liam O’Reilly and Inspector Robert Erik MacIntyre, who, after introductions were made, asked Mac, “Yer nam is MacIntyre, is it noo? Ur ye Scottish?”

Meeting with the Mounties

“Yer nam is MacIntyre, is it noo? Ur ye Scottish?”

Th’ nam is McIntyre an’ mah fowk was owned by Scots,” Mac without hesitation and grinning replied in kind, correcting the spelling difference, “Och aye.”

Ye dornt say,” the inspector with a wry grin, replied, “Thaur IS a bit ay Scots bluid runnin’ thru yer veins, ‘en! We ur probably coosins, ‘en!”

No doubt. How can we help you?”

We seem to have lost our train,” Master Sergeant Yatkov said, “And with it some fine horses.”

Susie found this a little difficult to swallow, “How do you lose an entire train?”

Corporal Liam O’Reilly had been quiet, just observing the rather curious collection of Americans, “It wus not de entire train, ma’am, they lef behind wan car.”

Why would they leave a car behind?”

Weight, ma’am,” Yatkov replied, “As it is, even now without our headquarters car, the train is very heavy and isn’t very fast. With your help, we may be able to catch up to it—if we hurry.”

Meanwhile—Boomer & Larry, had added the NWMP car to their train…

We should have no trouble tugging this car.”

How much will it slow us, Larry?”

Larry & Boomer added the NWMP car

“How much will it slow us, Larry?”

Loco 01 can pull a mile-long iron ore train—according to Cujo.”

Well, then, it might be able to handle this.”

In the Great Beyond—Karma and Ringo were meeting with Cujo…

Snowstorm must be here, I can feel her presence,” Ringo shuddered.


Ringo Karma & Cujo in the Great Beyond


I don’t know, Karma.”

I do—and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

But you’re the Gatekeeper.”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Stolen Train

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Love that “group shot” of us!


  2. Daisy Boardman says:



  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I say that is a fine looking group! Snowstorm? I dislike snow after all you do not have to shovel sunshine! 🙂


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