Hoo can thes be?


About the same time—in the Parlor Car…Everyone expressed their surprise one way or another, including the dogs—all of them simply furiously barked—all of them save one—PepperCooper barked out “What’s happening!

All the members present of the North-West Mounted Patrol just heard barking—save one—Inspector Robert Erik MacIntyre, “Ach, th’ dug speaks? “Hoo can thes be? Ah main hae burst mah heed when Ah feel.”

Inspector, please let me check you over, I’m a physician,” Chris went over to MacIntyre, “Come with me, please.”

Och aye please, Doctur,” a shaken MacIntyre said, and in a soft voice only Chris could hear, he added, “Thes has happened afair, Ah believe a’am losin’ mah min’.”

Chris glanced at Susie, who simply nodded yes.

Come with me, Inspector,” Chris then led him to the door leading to their personal quarters.

Whit magic is thes?

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 1:

Meanwhile—aboard the NWNB HQ Car… Fortunately—no one noticed the missing trestle—they did, however notice the train’s emergency stop (and how could they not? They too were thrown to the floor), “Well, lads, dat wus a bit excitin’!”

Meanwhile aboard the NWNP HQ Car

“Well, lads, dat wus a bit excitin’!”

Indeed Liam,” Constable Mule Deerslayer agreed, “One wondahs why we stopped?”

Constable Henry Singh, of East Indian ancestry, but raised in Yorkshire, England before emigrating to Canada as a teenager, “Nowt gran’, ahl warrant. probably t’ Yankee enginea showin’ off for Masta Sergeant Yatkov.”

Well, we are underway again, maybe we shud visit de Yanks an’ learn waaat we kin.” Liam concluded—the others agreed.

About the same time—In the Parlor Car…

Now listen-up, dog-people,” Susie Blackmon was NOT pleased, “There will be no more human-speak out of any one of you, unless we are alone with no 19th Century humans around. I will be going to the stable-car to give the horses the word.”

PepperCooper really didn’t need the schooling, his head & low and his embarrassment complete, “I am so sorry.”

PepperCooper schooled in the Parlor Car

“I am so sorry.”

Susie’s expression softened, after all, Pepper had come through for everyone so many times in the past—he really didn’t need the chastisment, “I’m sorry, Pepper, it’s just that we must be very careful.”

Pepper’s tail wagged—he understood.

Daisy, come with me, Chris may need our help upstairs.”

Is it lunch time yet?” Jay Cooper wasn’t really all that hungry—but his comment broke the tension.

It will be,” Susan grinned, “I’m on it!”

Meanwhile—upstairs in the personal quarters…

Ye say a’am nay losin’ mah min’?”

Whit magic is thes, Chris and Robert

“Ye say a’am nay losin’ mah min’?”

Your mind is fine, Inspector,” Chris smiled.

Hoo can thes be?”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Hoo can thes be?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL…I guess you would be thinking you were losing you mind if you plainly heard the animals speak. Poor Pepper…its OK honey!


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Poor Pepper! We can’t even say no or raise our voices around here or he puts his head down and leaves the room. I’m glad Susie got his tail wagging again!


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    Susan grinned, “I’m on it!”

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that missing trestles are minor importance when words as true as these are heard.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Just to be sure you understand, BIRD-BREATH, “Susan” and “Susie” are two different people—Got it? 😦


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    Poor Pepper.


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