Daisy, come with me, Chris may need our help upstairs.”

Is it lunch time yet?” Jay Cooper wasn’t really all that hungry—but his comment broke the tension.

It will be,” Susan grinned, “I’m on it!”

Meanwhile—upstairs in the personal quarters…

Ye say a’am nay losin’ mah min’?”

Your mind is fine, Inspector,” Chris smiled.

Hoo can thes be?”

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 2:

Continuing our story—Upstairs in the Personal Quarters… “We, all of us ‘creatures,’ on this train—including our horses and mule, are as sentient as you are, Inspector MacIntyre, and have the gift of speech.”

Buttons is quite right,” Chris wanted to put the inspector at ease, “There is really nothing wrong with your mind. Animal sentience and speech seems to have begun to be noticed as early as 1866.”

Wa huvnae Ah noticed thes until a year ur sae ago, ‘en?”

We’ve noticed in our travels that this hasn’t happened all at once,” Buttons replied, “When Marshal Blackmon was still in 1866, only her horse Josie was sentient.”

Ye hae a strange way ay ‘spikin, Buttons, Whit dae ye mean by ‘was still in 1866‘, lass?”

Why, we travel through ti…”

HUSH, BUTTONS!” too late Chris interrupted Buttons.

Yoo’re tellin’ me ye travel ben time? ‘At isnae possible!”

Chris and Robert joined by Boomer and Daisy

“Yoo’re tellin’ me ye travel ben time? ‘At isnae possible!”

It was then that Boomer and Daisy arrived, “Hello Inspector MacIntyre, Buttons is correct—hard as it is to comprehend, we do time travel.”

Hoo can thes be? Nae a body can travel ben time—When dae ye come frae, ‘en?”


Inspector MacIntyre lost his ability to speak and sat down in the nearest chair, shaking his head.

After a few minutes, the Inspector looked at Daisy, “Ye can spick, Beagle? Please explain thes time travel thes Boomer speaks ay.”

It is true, People-Dog Inspector. It was made possible by my big sister, Cujo.”

Ye say thes, (it’s Daisy isnae it?) in th’ pest tense…”

She’s lost this ability—we’re stuck here.”

Forever? ‘At is terrible, ye main be huir uv a woriat.”

We are worried, Inspector—for Cujo more than for ourselves. Now we need to know how we can help you.”

Meanwhile—In the Parlor Car…The NWMP officers arrived—interrupting the conversation. Fortunately no dog-person was speaking at the time—equally fortunate was the fact that none of the officers had seen the train cross the “missing” trestle—they were too busy getting back off the floor, “I be Corporal Liam O’Reilly, an’ dees fellows are Constables Mule Deerslayer an ‘Enry Singh. Can yer tell us why de train stopped so suddenly?

NWMP officers arrived in the Parlor Car

“…Can yer tell us why de train stopped so suddenly?”

To be Continued…


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9 Responses to HUSH, BUTTONS

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Yeah! Why did the train stop so suddenly? We are about to find out!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      You ask a rhetorical question? Very-well then I have a regular question for you: Why didn’t Daisy mention that Cujo is really a dead dog? 😉


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    If a DOG tells me about time travel, I think I’d be more inclined to believe.


  3. fluttermatters26 says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters there be nothing unusual about the usual 🙂


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