Ur thaur gunfighters amang yer lot?


It is true, People-Dog Inspector. It was made possible by my big sister, Cujo.”

Ye say thes, (it’s Daisy isnae it?) in th’ pest tense…”

She’s lost this ability—we’re stuck here.”

Forever? ‘At is terrible, ye main be huir uv a woriat.”

We are worried, Inspector—for Cujo more than for ourselves. Now we need to know how we can help you.”

Whit magic is thes, Chris and Robert joined by Boomer

“We are worried, Inspector—”

Meanwhile—In the Parlor Car…The NWMP officers arrived—interrupting the conversation. Fortunately no dog-person was speaking at the time—equally fortunate was the fact that none of the officers had seen the train cross the “missing” trestle—they were too busy getting back off the floor, “I be Corporal Liam O’Reilly, an’ dees fellows are Constables Mule Deerslayer an ‘Enry Singh. Can yer tell us why de train stopped so suddenly?”

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 3:

Continuing our story—In the Parlor Car… “Pleased to meet you Corporal O’Reilly,” Big Mac replied and with a bit of a chuckle, “Our hogger (Engineer) is quite inexperienced. I’m Carl McIntyre and my friends are my wife, Colista, Susan Miller, Susie Blackmon, Grey Wolf Silverthorn and Sarah and Jay Cooper.”

MacIntyre is it? Are ye related ter Inspector MacIntyre?”

It’s McIntyre,” Mac grinned, “Yes, very distantly related.”

NWMP officers arrived in the Parlor Car

“It’s McIntyre,” Mac grinned, “Yes, very distantly related.”

Are you gentlmen hungry?” Susan, the consummate host, asked, “I was just fixing us some lunch—you fellows must join us.”

Henry Singh answered for the Mounties, “Wea’ar, t’ bandits stole wee scran, an’ orl as wee ‘orses.”

I beg your pardon?”

He said they are hungry, Susan,” Grey Wolf translated, “Their food supply was stolen with the train.”

In that case, pull up a chair—lunch will be served in a few minutes.”

Meanwhile—Upstairs in the Personal Quarters…The Inspector began to recover from his total astonishment of learning not only of sentient critters—but more profoundly—time travel, “Thes is aw a mystery tae me, but alas, Ah fear Ah mus accept thes as a strange truth. Ye main help us defeat a bunch ay American ootlaws. we hae lost fife North-West Moonted Patrol officers tae their ruthlessness awreddy. Ur thaur gunfighters amang yer lot?”

In unison Boomer and Chris drew their sidearms and had them pointed at the ceiling before MacIntyre could blink.

Ah believe I’ve come athwart th’ reit Americans, an’ th’ others?”

Chris and Robert joined by Boomer

“Ah believe I’ve come athwart th’ reit Americans, an’ th’ others?”

About the same skills, and most of us have served as peace officers,” Chris replied.

Very-weel, ‘en. Lit me teel ye whit we’d loch ye tae do fur us.”

To be Continued…


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11 Responses to Ur thaur gunfighters amang yer lot?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Boy I have gotten good with that gun LOL I could quote some more Marty Robbins…Mr Shorty or Big Gun On His Hip….boy I am very excited !


  2. Send in the wranglers…. please! But not Mr. Shorty.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I like the term “peace officers”. 🙂


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    I wonder if it’s HOW I say “McIntyre” as opposed to “MacIntyre” that they understand the difference? 🙂


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