You are time travelers


Meanwhile—Upstairs in the Personal Quarters…The Inspector began to recover from his total astonishment of learning not only of sentient critters—but more profoundly—time travel, “Thes is aw a mystery tae me, but alas, Ah fear Ah mus accept thes as a strange truth. Ye main help us defeat a bunch ay American ootlaws. we hae lost fife North-West Moonted Patrol officers tae their ruthlessness awreddy. Ur thaur gunfighters amang yer lot?”

In unison Boomer and Chris drew their sidearms and had them pointed at the ceiling before MacIntyre could blink.

Ah believe I’ve come athwart th’ reit Americans, an’ th’ others?”

Whit magic is thes, Chris and Robert joined by Boomer

“Ah believe I’ve come athwart th’ reit Americans, an’ th’ others?”

About the same skills, and most of us have served as peace officers,” Chris replied.

Very-weel, ‘en. Lit me teel ye whit we’d loch ye tae do fur us.”

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 4:

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: We have finally gotten the AUTO-TRANSLATOR to work! No longer will you have to try and figure-out what our Canadian hosts are saying.]

We rejoin our story—With Hogger Larry & Master Sergeant Yatkov in Loco 01… “Canadian border in five minutes,” Larry announced.

Good. How far ahead do you think they are?”

About a half-hour at this rate—they had a pretty big lead on us. Must we stop at the border?”

Who would try to stop us at this speed? We do need to figure out how to capture the train.”

Flutters, ask Susie to join us, please.”

Larry & Murphy in Locomotive 01

“Flutters, ask Susie to join us, please.”

As the bird flew to the Parlor Car, Murphy asked, “Who is Susie?”

Marshal Blackmon is the most experienced peace officer among us. If anyone can figure out how to stop them—it would be Susie.”

Yatkov studied his doppelgänger for a minute or two, “You’re not only a dead-ringer for me—but you are also not of this century—you, all of you, are time travelers.”

Larry Yatkowsky was stunned to silence [yes GENTLE READER—I know how hard that is for you to accept, but ’tis true] for a moment, “What makes you say that?”

Your locomotive, and I read a lot and I have read stories of time travellers, the thought of time travel facinates me.”

Just as Larry began a synopsis of their travels, Susie and Flutters arrived, “What’s up Larry?”

A loaded question—to be sure.

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to You are time travelers

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I can not wait till we catch up with the other train!


  2. lhalvor says:

    Butch Cassidy?


  3. What’s up Larry?? Well, if one must ask… ha ha ha.


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    …As the bird flew to the Parlor Car, Murphy asked, “Who is Susie?”…’



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