This could only end one way…


As Susie left for the Parlor Car, M-Sgt. Yatkov asked, “How is it we rolled over the empty space where once there was a trestle?”

The tracks are in the 21st Century, Murphy.”

Yatkov mulled this over for a moment or two, “How do you avoid 21st Century trains?”

Only the tracks are modern, the train is completely in the 19th Century.”

Somehow, this makes perfect sense to me.”

Meanwhile, in the Parlor Car—Susie had a plan… “Inspector, you and your officers will remain on the train, while we get off the train a mile or so before we reach the way station, where we expect your train will have to stop for water. Larry will bring our train past the siding and then back up on the siding, while we ride up—and I hope—capture the train.”

Susie and Flutters arrived at Loco 01

“What’s up Larry?”

An’ if they dinnae stop, whit then, Susie?

About the same time—aboard the stolen NWMP Loco… “Water stop ahead.”

No! We must keep going!”

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 6:

Continuing our story—at the water stop…

You’d rather we run out of water and wood? No wood, no fire—no fire and no water, no steam—and then we stop.”

Okay, we stop, but I don’t like it. What if they catch-up?”

Remember the trestle?”

They slowed to a stop at the water tank and were about to climb down—a train rumbled slowly by on the main track, stopped and someone wearing a crimson jacket jumped down and threw the switch and the train began backing down the siding in front of them.

Larry backed the train onto the siding

The train began backing down the siding in front of them

I’m thinking about that trestle.”

How did they get past?”

I don’t care how, I care more about those riders—they look an awful lot like American gunslingers to me.”

We can’t give up this train!”

At the same time—in the NWMP HQ Car…

Who are those guys?”

They look like desparados!” George exclaimed.

We’d better fight ’em!”

Susie & Company ride up beside the NWMP train

“Oh—right Fred, lookit how they wear them guns!”

Oh—right Fred, lookit how they wear them guns!”

They ain’t gettin’ our train—we have too much reward money at stake.”

You can’t spend reward money if you are dead, Fred.”

The discussion continued for some minutes while outside the train, the “desparados” calmly sat astride their horses—watching both the occupants of the HQ car and the locomotive. They were ready, with sidearms unlooped and hands scant inches away.

This could only end one way…

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to This could only end one way…

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We do look formidable 🙂


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    You must have better eyes than I, I can’t see how formidable we look, too small! 😀


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Well, now I’m thinking about that trestle, too …


    • Jack Boardman says:

      That was explained in the “Previously” part of this episode, sort of. The tracks (and trestle) are in the 21st Century. 😛


  4. I LOVE all the horses in front of the train! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Thanks! You’ll get a closer look tomorrow. They’ve ALL gotten an upgrade in appearance. 🙂


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