An hour later—inside the “Trading” Post…

Mr. Callahan, this is ex-Marshal Blackmon from Hartle’s Corners Missouri,” Jay grinned, “You may have heard of her. Marshal, may I introduce Mr. Moose Callahan, the foreman here at Fort Defiance.”

Before Callahan could extend a handshake Susie drew her .44 and had it under his nose, “Pleased to meet you, Moose.”

I-I-I’m from Missouri,” Callahan stuttered, “Please put yer six-shooter down, m-m-marshal. I was boy living on th’ farm jist outside of Hartle’s Corners an’ I heard of y-y-you.”

The boss is back!” Frank Apple burst through the door with the unexpected news.

This would NOT be good news…

Season 8—Chapter 6—O Canada—Episode 12—Conclusion:

Continuing our story—overlooking Fort Defiance…

Schwartzkopf watching the fort

Continuing our story—overlooking Fort Defiance…

Riding back to the trading post, Schwartkopf’s horse threw a shoe and began to limp a little on the rise overlooking the stockade. He dismounted to check his horse when movement in front of the gates caught his eye—and he felt panic overcome him, “BLACKMON!

The chronicles don’t inform us exactly what he did at that moment, just that he didn’t show-up again until 1890 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Meanwhile—Inside the trading post cabin… Both Jay & Susie drew their weapons surprising both Callahan and Apple, “You gonna shoot Schwartzkopf? Please?” Callahan blurted.

Only if he puts up a fight,” Jay replied looking out the window. After he failed to enter the stockade after ten minutes, they went outside and after a brief search they decided he must have changed his mind.

I seen him when you went into the cabin, mebbe he seen you an’ ran off,” Apple said, “Mebbe he knew you’d shoot’m?”

What’s gonna happen now?”

Inside the trading post cabin

“What’s gonna happen now?”

Well, Mr. Callahan,” Susie smiled—wickedly, “You now work for me, or you clear out.”

I reckon we work for you.”

Not everyone agreed and late that night a dozen men left and headed north—to the competing trading post some thirty hard miles away.

Thus concludes Chapter 6, but our story? To be Continued…


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10 Responses to “BLACKMON!”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    YES!!! FIRST!!! Seems to me, ol’ Schwartzkopf must have had a bad relationship with the Marshal? BAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀


  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    WHERE are the DOG-PEOPLE? AR-ROOO!!!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Well Schwartzkopf made a wise decision but no gun fight! Oh well he lived to fight another day, however I worry about his limping horse………hmmmm must be the vet in me.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Nice that you stopped-by…We don’t know how far he went before being forced to walk his horse,,,the chronicles make no mention. 😦


  4. I dozen men left?? It must be a given they weren’t up for the job.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      What “job,” exactly? 😛


    • fluttermatters says:

      Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that one dare not ask Ms. Blackmon the Xmarshal whether and if those are pistols in her shirt pockets.


      • Jack Boardman says:

        You should, perhaps, consider flying as fast as you can—AWAY from Miz Blackmon—IF you wish to keep your tail-feathers intact. 😛


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