Preparing the Café

By Carl “Big Mac” McIntyre

A little background—if you don’t mind too much:

The original coffee shop was set in the West 7th/Fort Road area of Saint Paul, MN. Because our WordPress blog’s cheesy fiction takes place in the fictional “Moosehead County,” located along the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior on land “borrowed” from Cook County near Grand Marais, and more importantly because Boomer has already drawn most of the characters and locations, and is unlikely to agree to making drawings just for me.

Moosehead City, is the largest in the county, there are two others, Williams’ Station and Port of Danger Bay, but they will not come into our story as it is in Moosehead City we find “Joe’s Café & Coffee” owned and operated by Proud Czech Josef Rusicka.

The usual suspects at Joe’s are here…

Early morning at Joe's Café & Coffee …And there is plenty of room at the counter for guest victims—and for you.

I am currently enjoying my final retirement after a career in the US Army (Vietnam era), a second career at the Ford Plant in Saint Paul, and a short 3 year experience selling cars for Saturn. I am younger by a decade than as portrayed in the old coffee shops series having just turned 72. My wife and I are living the dream, motoring about the country in our RV, and only occasionally return to Saint Paul to visit our kids and grandkids.

I have our first conversation in draft form, and will publish it fairly soon…in the meantime if there is anything you would like us to discuss from the point-of-view of folks outside the RE business, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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8 Responses to Preparing the Café

  1. lhalvor says:



  2. Jack Boardman says:

    It’s a start, Carl. 🙂


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    My Dad is a retired Ford dealer in Hurricane, WV. My husband is on the assembly line at Toyota in Buffalo, WV. I’m happy to hear about your Ford and Saturn experience. 🙂


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    I am liking this background…keep it up 🙂


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