Back on the trail


Several hours later—outside the gates… War Chief Enyeto met with Inspector MacIntyre to discuss the new trading post operations while the rest of our heroes were getting re-acquainted with Larry, Collista and with their dog-people, all of whom had remained with the train. Stories, and no doubt, a few tall tales were told of their adventures. All agreed that it would be good to get back to the train with its modern conveniences—like hot showers and computers, for example.

Too soon, it was time to pack-up and start the journey back to the train. A journey that all hoped would be uneventful…


Season 8—Chapter 7—Traders—Episode 5:

We resume our story—with Big Mac and Collie on the mountain trail…leading the column—it was Collie’s first real adventure on horseback and was taking its toll, “Why is it these saddles aren’t padded?”

Big Mac and Collie on the mountain trail

“Why is it these saddles aren’t padded?”

You’ll get used to it,” Mac chuckled, “Eventually.”

How long is ‘eventually,’ exactly?”

Days—weeks—sometimes longer.”


At the back—Grey Wolf and Susan’s conversation continued…

I’m worried about the restaurants with both of us stuck here.”

Gray Wolf and Susan on the mountain trail

“I’m worried about the restaurants with both of us stuck here.”

I am too, Susan,” Grey Wolf James Silverthorn smiled, “But you have good people staffing both.”

I know, Jimmy, I know. I’m even more worried about Cujo—she’s stuck in the Great Beyond.”

You have a spy there you know.”

I do? Oh! Yes I do—ALICE! Cujo said she lives here AND in there!”

Where is she? Come to think of it, I don’t see any of our canines.”

…And—As the hours dragged by on the mountain trail… Everyone was getting a little saddle sore—keep in mind, GENTLE READER, most of our travel has been by train—we got spoiled by that rather civilized transportation.

It seems a longer ride back to the train,” Boomer groused, “My saddle sores have saddle sores!”

The hours dragged by on the mountain trail

“My saddle sores have saddle sores!”

Rookie!” Susie snorted, grinning, “It is a longer trip; the train was actually closer when we left it.”

Yes,” Sarah squirming a bit on her saddle, added, “I looked at the map. The village of Victoria Crossing is farther away and the terrain is more difficult.”

Because Cujo’s fate is unresolved—we should take a look at the search for Snowflake in the Great Beyond…after all, our heroes are stuck here until Snowflake is stopped—remember?

Karma seaching the Great Beyond

Because Cujo’s fate is unresolved

Karma was close—just NOT close enough. Unfortunately, she didn’t see Snowflake hiding under the trees.

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Back on the trail

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    FIRST? What’s up with that? I have ridden on horseback for long periods of time; my rear-end HAS suffered for it. I’m glad you’re covering the “Cujo situation as if I recall correctly, we’re stuck in 1874 until that situation is corrected,


    • Jack Boardman says:

      …And only, thus far. Yeah, I need to get Cujo resolved. As much as I like our visit to Canada, we need the ability to go back and forth, methinks. 😉


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Collie’s right, maybe I need to make up some little quilted saddle cushions …


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Beautiful scenery I am moving so my time is limited right now. Catching up 🙂


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