Alice and Karma


Alice is gone from cyberspace. I think she heard my call.”


To the Great Beyond.”

Isn’t she already there?”

Yes, but as I understand it, the Alice that is already there cannot go to the non-sentient part. I hope she will be able to come back.”

Just then—In the Great Beyond… Karma sensed a presence, a presence not of this part of the Great Beyond. She thought it must be Snowflake and wheeled around and began a rapid dive—a dive reserved for the war-eagle’s lethal strike.

Karma the Great War Eagle diving

Karma the Great War Eagle diving

Down—down–down she dove, picking up speed—Karma was totally focused on destroying her target…

Season 8—Chapter 7—Traders—Episode 7:

We rejoin our story—as Karma is in mid-dive… As she continued her dive, drawing ever-closer to her quarry, she realized it wasn’t Snowflake—it was Alice! And Alice was barely visible even to her eagle-eyes.

She pulled-up and landed, “How can you be here, and in cyberspace? This is not possible.”

Alice and Karma in the Great Beyond

“How can you be here, and in cyberspace? This is not possible.”

Hi Karma,” Alice arfed—tail a-wag, “I don’t know, exactly. I heard my Alpha-Susan call my name and the next thing I knew, I was here—at least part of me is here. I can’t seem to materialize.”

This IS a puzzlement,” Karma understated.

Meanwhile—on the Mountain trail… Alice didn’t disappear completely—she was still partially visible to her friends, “What’s happening, Alice?”

I’m not sure, Pepper. I can see you and I can see Karma. I think part of me is in the Great Beyond.”

Wait—isn’t there another you in the Great Beyond?”

Yes, Buttons, and that’s probably why I am still here and there and can’t solidify in either place.”

A fading Alice and her friends on the trail

“Wait—isn’t there another you in the Great Beyond?”

What is happening?” Benji asked.

I can’t talk now, I need to concentrate on talking to Karma.”

It was then—the canines were joined by their humans… “Alice! What’s happening to you?” Susan was terrified of losing her Cyber-Alice, “Talk to me!”

She can’t reply, People-Dog Susan,” Daisy bayed, “She must concentrate on talking with Karma. She is in good talons.”

I hope you’re right.”

The canines were joined by their human friends

“I hope you’re right.”

To be Continued…


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7 Responses to Alice and Karma

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Two places at once? Alice has skills!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Alice is not in control…there are forces at play here beyond even Cujo’s ability. We may never know who, or what, is responsible. 😛


  2. fluttermatters says:

    “We may never know who, or what, is responsible.”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters it is more of a when question but rest assured the Master knows the meandering details of the who, what and when and has chosen not to interfere in the perfection of the moment.


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      “…Flutters was with them playing Quote-the-Master, and occasionally one or another would ask him to elaborate on a quote—and he would for at least an hour, oblivious to the fact no one was actually listening to him…”

      This was from yesterday’s post, Boomer was anticipating your comment. 😀


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    What do you mean we may never know? You can’t leave us hanging in cyber-hell know knowing the who..what..and….where of the matter……that would be cruel and unusual punishment for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦


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