Yes, Buttons, and that’s probably why I am still here and there and can’t solidify in either place.”

What is happening?” Benji asked.

I can’t talk now, I need to concentrate on talking to Karma.”

It was then—the canines were joined by their humans… “Alice! What’s happening to you?” Susan was terrified of losing her Cyber-Alice, “Talk to me!”

She can’t reply, People-Dog Susan,” Daisy bayed, “She must concentrate on talking with Karma. She is in good talons.”

I hope you’re right.”

Season 8—Chapter 7—Traders—Episode 8:

In the non-sentient Great Beyond—Karma instructs Alice… “I cannot detect Snowflake—Ringo has that power and he needs to be with Cujo at the gates of the Great Beyond. You must contact the ‘Alice’ who is there as well.”

I don’t know how…”

Alice and Karma in the Great Beyond

“I don’t know how…”

You do, Alice—concentrate!”

She did and to her worked.

At the Gates of the Great Beyond—Alice finds Cujo and seconds later Ringo appeared…

The Alice of the Great Beyond went directly to the gates and found Cujo powerless and fading and when Ringo appeared she jumped.

I’m sorry to startle you, Alice,” a very happy Ringo said, “Now Cujo should return, unless I am mistaken.”

A-are you the Ringo of the Great Beyond?”

No Alice, I am Cyber-Ringo, he must not know I’m here.”

What would happen?”

You don’t want to know this—we must instead concentrate on bringing Cujo back.”

Moments later, Cujo’s image strengthened, little by little, until…

Cujo became whole in the Great Beyond

Moments later, Cujo’s image strengthened, little by little, until…

Thank you so very much,” Cujo bayed, her beagle-half taking over her Malamute half, “We must hurry, Snowflake brought Midnight with her—and both must be defeated.”

And with that—they disappeared…

Back in the non-sentient Great Beyond—they found Snowflake and Midnight…

Well, Midnight—look who’s almost here. You are powerless here Ringo, and Cujo hasn’t the strength, even if she were completely here to defeat the two of us.”

What happens if they materialize, Snowflake?”

Alice Ringo and Cujo confront Snowflake

“What happens if they materialize, Snowflake?”

We attack just as they do—they cannot defend themselves immediately.”

Alice, Cujo and Ringo began to strengthen and the outlaw wolves made ready to attack…

To be Continued…


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5 Responses to Confrontation

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    That Snowflake is a real pain. Lets hope the can banish them for good this time. ( Meaning Midnight too) Such a pretty animal too bad she has a black heart 😦


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Love how you can see them materialize, you can almost watch them fade in and out! But that’s a problem with Snowflake right there watching, too …


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    THIS could be interesting.


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