In the Parlor Car


A couple of hours later—the Americans made their way to the RR station…It was heartening to see the train waiting there for them—and all its modern conveniences, you know hot water, showers and even the interwebs.

We could freshen-up before inspecting the rest of this place,” Sarah suggested.

The others agreed, and after getting their horses (and mule) settled-in, curried and fed in stable car, they went about freshening-up.

An hour or so later—the now-refreshed crew assembled in the Parlor Car…

I’m ready for a nice, brown ale,” Boomer said walking over to the kegs. He had just begun to draw a mug when…

Jay began to fade

Jay began to fade

Jay Cooper began to fade...

Season 8—Chapter 7—Traders—Episode 11:

We rejoin our story—in the Parlor Car as Jay Cooper began to fade… “Jay!” Sarah exclaimed. Everyone was temporarily frozen in disbelief as Jay faded completely from view.

Maybe—somehow—Snowflake had not been defeated, and Cujo had again lost her powers. Or maybe Cujo had another plan—and if so—WHAT was that plan?

Okay, I officially don’t like this,” Collie McIntyre announced, “We usually know something about what’s happening around us—this feels different.”

It does to me as well,” her husband replied, “I just can’t put my finger on why.”

I have a strange feeling that I should be at Seven Tables—yet I know things there are going well—at least I think I do,” Grey Wolf thought out loud.

Susan agreed, “And me at the Clipper Inn.”

Each had his or her own continually-changing thoughts about what had happened—flitting in and out; all that is, except Boomer—who was pretty-sure he knew what was happening.

Should I tell them?” He wondered to himself, “It’s too bad the canines aren’t here because Daisy is so connected to Cujo—she would know.”

After mentally agonizing over it for some time he decided that, perhaps, it would be best to reveal his thoughts—but just as he was about to speak…

They all began to fade

They all began to fade

…they ALL began to fade…

To be Continued…


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9 Responses to In the Parlor Car

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, I wish you’d been able to speak your mind!


  2. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that prior to its disappearance it is as the Master described in his hand written Volume XVII page 10,001 para. 002.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Speaking your mind would have been good right about them….if the dogs aren’t there are they coming with us? Another adventure..and away we go!


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